REIKI, is it real or not

Reiki is full of Hypothetical and Assumptions.

Greeting to all who want to understand the esence of what is comenly called Reiki / Alchemicaly and the difference that exists with Spirituality.

There are some who practice the system of REIKI are in reality Alchemists and the claims can be tested.

Alchemy is a meaning that goes back to the middle ages and describes an Alchemist as a practitioner of Alcamey as a person who can change base metals into Gold.

That claim in fact was used to protect the reality of a Alchemist from the negativty of the time who were against Healers. Alchemist's are healers.

They can remove from the Mental/ Physical Body the dis-ease.

They can be identified by eithier In person or at a distant by the heat/ Warmth or just not being able to enter the Crown.

Both; the spiritual and the Reiki have simular end results whereas  an Alchemist is not Spiritual.

Spirituality is given at conception while an Alchimest is created by an increase of the frequency of the living systems of selected Chakras and the retention of their Energy and Vibration.

When you are created for the physical you are given certain gifts.

These gifts are many and varied. Their use you can accept or reject. You receive them at conception. Corinthians 1 Chapter 12 (Paul’s letters). Alchemicaly / Reiki is not one of them because it only works within the Physical/ Mental/Emotional and is not as some would try to describe as natural and Spiritual.

Hypotheticals and Assumptions are used in attempts to create it as reality.

Many believe that what they tell you about its origins are true and ignore the lack of any reality.

They tell you that it is Spiritual when in reality it only works for the Physical/ Mental/Emotional.

They confuse people into to Assuming that gifts given to the NeoSpiritual (self spirit) at conception and include Reiki, when there is no real connection.

 So what is the reality of Reiki?

The elements of Reiki are the Frequency of ‘Energy/ Vibration’.

Those elements are created from words or symbols written as sentences, as ‘Affirmations’.

Those Affirmations are placed into selected Chakras by means of ‘Attunements’ to raise their vibrations.

And at the conclusion of each progression (Level) the Affirmations are retained.

Retention of the Affirmations?

At the completion of each rotation (level) the affirmations have to be retained?

As Affirmations are constructed as sentences from elements of Energy/ Vibration, by the use of words and/or symbols, the Affirmations are placed into selected Chakras by means of an Attunement.

At the end of each progression (level) another Affirmation is used to retain the energy.

That retention can be tested to ensure that it is retained for the rest of the Physical life.

How is any test performed?

It can be performed in either of 2 ways, to a person directly or at a distant.

Directly with a Person by just placing hands over the Crown.

There are 2 effects that may be observed with this method.

If there is a sense of Warmth, Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown the Affirmations have been retained, however if there is movement down into the body then the Affirmations have not been retained.

The second method is to perform the test using a proxy as a distant. Over the Crown of the proxy write or call in the persons name and with the hands over the Crown simular results will be observed as though you are working directly with the person.

Don’t be surprised that the results may be in the majority show no retention.

What is Energy?

Any physics textbook will tell you that energy is “the capacity to do work”. Everything is energy and energy manifests frequency. So every thing has a frequency. Then it usually goes on to explain that “work” is the action of moving something against a force. But isn’t this definition kind of unsatisfying?

It’s a bit like Plato’s definition of man as a “featherless biped” – it’s hard to poke holes in the reasoning, but you can’t help but feel something is missing. The reason energy is so hard to define is because it’s an abstract notion. In physics, the concept of “energy” is really just a kind of shorthand, a tool to help balance the books. Energy is always conserved (or converted into mass) so is incredibly useful in working out the results of any kind of physical or chemical process. There is no physical “essence” of energy, and no such thing as “pure energy”. Energy is always carried by something, usually in the form of movement.


In its simplest form, vibration can be considered to be the oscillation or ... This type of vibration is called "whole body motion", meaning that all parts of the body.


In its simplest form, vibration can be considered to be the oscillation or ... This type of vibration is called "whole body motion", meaning that all parts of the body.

These definitions are just some examples of Frequency Energy/ Vibration which are ignored by the majority of practitioners which leads to the abundance of Hypotheticals and the many Assumptions. It is not the tones of frequency or the stretched string, it is the vibration and how the energy can be inserted and retained within the Chakras

So what is the reality of the Reiki System?

Reiki as a healing system for the Physical/Mental/Emotional Body!

However the majority support a claim that Reiki is Spiritual, but the reality is the physical results that can be achieved with Reiki.

How does it work?

It is all about how Frequency works with the Physical.

There are 4 symbols that the majority accept as used within the system of Reiki.

There are claims that there are many others.

Symbols, words or numbers that when written as Affirmations use the elementals of Energy/ Vibration but lack the consistency of designated frequency.

The majority of practitioners try to overcome that by introducing sound into their sessions.

To be fully effective frequency has to be an element contained within the Affirmation.

That is the basis of what the reality of Reiki is but 100 years ago there was no understanding of that direction so it remains as Hypothetical and Assumtions amid numerous claims of being Spiritual, it is not  


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