Is it Spiritual or Natural. NO.

Understanding what Reiki really is.

Many claims are made about Reiki, it is given many property names with the intent to convince you that here is the best, but they all have it wrong.

 Reiki is Energy/ Frequency & Vibration.

A sentence is written in language and or symbols and applied through the Physical into the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional selected Chakras and retained.

It is the retention of the sentence that raises permanently the Vibrations of the selected Chakras. The retention is applied physically during the Attunement , not by intention.

The retention can be tested by the placement of Hands physically over the Crown or by distant. What can you expect when testing for retention at the Crown.

You may be aware of Warmth, Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown, if however you are able to enter the Crown and appear to move down into the body then there is no retention of the sentence.

Reiki is only applied to the Physical and Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional body and can be applied and retained by anybody who has the required knowledge.

Reiki is not Spiritual or Natural, it is created and is designed to act on and remove a broad range of problems/ Illnesses and Emotions.

Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Being Overwhelmed, Low Self Esteem, Grief and Trauma, PTSD, Loss of Focus, Low Energy and anything that not for your better self and the desire to leave this life because everything appears to be too hard.

Leonard Thomas (Mr T) 



An Introduction to;

Reiki (The New Dawn)

A System that goes beyond belief.

We move beyond assumption into reality

An introduction to an advanced Holistic Healing System that is called Reiki (the New Dawn).

An Energy Healing System so holosticly advanced that it connects to the Psychic/Mental/ Emotional through the Physical.

Energy/ Frequency & Vibration are the key elements that make for better health and have been practiced back into ancient times.

To be able to identify the connection between the Physical and the Psychic/Mental/ Emotional exists, is now possible. 

We do not argue with the medical profession but, what we all should take into account that when somebody is being diagnosed with a disease that the elements of Energy Therapy can be of assistance.

So what is Reiki (the New Dawn) technique.

The technique involves the use of language or symbols that create Energy/ Frequency & Vibration and when written as sentences and then applied through the Physical into the Psychic/Mental/ Emotional Energy Centres (Chakras), and at the completion of each level the direction of the flow of energy is changed from receiving to giving out and there is warmtrh or heat at the Crown.

No Hypothateticals or Assumptions just awarenes.

There are many claims made about energy techniques in respect to healing but Reiki (the New Dawn) is the only one that connects the Physical to the Mental/ Emotional.

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When you make a statement about something, then prove it.

The repair of Energy living Systems have been in existance for a long time,

however the system called Reiki does not work to it's full potential as it is bogged down with claims that it is spiritual and natural.

Those claims are based on assumptions rather than fact or reality

The system that is called Reiki is not a natural product or is it as many claim that it is be Spiritual. It is not 'Universal Life Force Energy' , unfortunately many think that it is.

In reality it is an energy created from vinrations, Energy/ Frequency & Vibration.

Many confuse their Spiritual Gifts with the Systems of Energy Therapy

We within the New Dawn are moving forward from that confusion to work with the creation of the elements of Energy/ Frequency & Vibrations of words/ symbols into an Energy Healing system.

So Join us on this journey into the New Dawn.

The elements of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration are used to create sentences, using language (words) or symbols, and then applying those sentences to selected Higher Chakras (energy centres) thus raising the vibrations of those Chakras.

Chakras are the energy centres within the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional body that connect to all organs within the Physical and help to create balance in those organs.

The System of Reiki (The New Dawn) is not natural or spiritual they should be seen as a creation of the elements of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration.

So how does this New Dawn work.

The scientific community accept the statement that everything that exists within the Physical is Energy, and everything operates within a range of many Frequencies and that everything Vibrates. So where do we look to find where the elements exist and to make these sentences.

They exist within our languages as words or symbols.

Music when written is a single language of Symbols and can be read by those who are trained to read them.

Energy/ Frequency & Vibration work to rules, rules that are determined by Universal Law.

*  If written as language, and the sentence is written in LOWER Case to work with self

*  If written in UPPER Case the sentence then works with the Universe.

*  Whe written with spaces and punctuation. It is the last word of the sentence that has the effect.

*  If however when written with no punctuation or gaps or spaces regardless of the case then the whole sentence works.

*  If written/ drawn with Symbols, a pause for a short time before applying the next symbol.

*  If written with the names of symbols the rules of 1, 2, 3 & 4 apply.

These rules apply to create the System of Reiki (The New Dawn) Healing.

There are many claims made about energy systems. At last estimates there are well over 100's of claims made as to how one system or another works but there are no rules to identify which of them may be better than another but, there are also appears to be no defining rules that can applied, most published comments and statements are Hypothetical and Assumptions and are ignored in many abstract statement.

The general idea about Reiki systems is that they are abstract and are based on thoughts and ideas rather than defined physical objects or awareness.

Abstract nouns refer to qualities or ideas, for example happiness or a question.

It is however elements of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration created from language or the individual elements of 4 recognised symbols; When those symbols are written as a sentence and are applied by means of an Attunement through the physical into selected Energy Centres (Chakras) within the Psychic/ Mental/Emotional Body.

That process increases the vibrations of the selected Chakras then you have an advanced system we call (The New Dawn).

At the completion of each level and to retain the energy applied, the flow is reversed from Receiving to Giving Out this is identified but Warmth or Heat at the Crown.

"What you have to remember is that it has no physical form, it is not natural or spiritual,it is elements of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration".

You should never promote anything that you cannot clearly explain and prove!

 Nikola Tesla once stated,To understand the Universe you must think,

"Energy, Frequency & Vibration" that create all that is.

 Looking at all of the Hypothetical and the numerous claims made about energy systems all of which are based on assumption rather than fact or reality

So now, do we really have a Healing system that we call

(The New Dawn).

How do you now promote something as a Value and explain that this something that you call a healing system really does work and then be prepared to find a way to "Prove" that It works.

That is what we have to do when trying to understand and explain as to what this system called the New Dawn is and then how do we prove that it really works.

In other words;

What is this System of (The New Dawn) and why is it so.

Unfortunately too many people use stories and examples to claim that systems work without any real proof or awarenes that it really works or what it is.

Yes to heal is proof that a system works for the benifit of an individual but because no explination is produced as to what it is to support those claims the system is rejected by the medical profession.

The system of The New Dawn is not Spiritual.

It really is about increasing the Energy, Frequency and Vibration within the selected Energy Centers (Chakras) of the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body that are connected to every organ within our bodies.

I compare the System of (the New Dawn) in the same way that you look at Magnets.

A Magnet is a piece of iron or other material which has its component atoms so ordered that the material exhibits properties of magnetism, such as attracting other iron-containing objects or aligning itself in an external magnetic field. Conection or Rejection.

There are 2 basic types of Magnets, Permanent and Electro, the Permanent Magnet is always working and needs no outside force to make it work. Where as the Electro Magnet only becomes active when an outside force, an Electric Current is passed through it.

However many claim that an out side force is needed in the same way that a Electro Magnet needs an outside force to make it active and to make Reiki work.

There are really only 2 very important questions that should be asked about this System called (The New Dawn) is and they are;

 “What (The New Dawn) really is” and

 “What makes it so”.

 So do you really want to know what this system that is called

(the New Dawn) really is and the Truth that is behind it.

Ever since a japanese Buddhurst Monk had a vision about Healing many have tried to explain what it was that he was able to do. Even though his memory has been given the credit for the concept of the system, that is maybe not what really happened as it was one of his students who should have been given the credit for the way that the system should really work with the introduction of the symbols that are to-day recognised as the basis of the system.

Simply put is that there were 4 recognised symbols, each of which hold individual vibrations and when they are written as a sentence ( called an Attunement) and applied through the Physical into the Psychic/ Mental/Emotional Energy Centres (Chakras) as energy, the sentence creates a 5th symbol and it is the sentence that raises the vibrations of the Energy centres.

At the completion of each of the recognised Levels (1, 2, 3) the vibrations of the flow of energy into Chakras is reversed from Receiving to Giving Out.

However if the flow of energy is not reversed then the applied Energy/ Frequency & Vibrations do not remain within the Chakres.

That change of direction can be tested by the placement of hands over the Crown or over a proxy (Teddy Bear or Pillow as with distant healing) and a sence Warmth/ Heat, a tingling or a 'no' entry into the client, if however there is a sence of entry into the client then the reversal has not been applied and the applied vibrations do not hold.

So we have a brief explination to the questions, What is Reiki (The New Dawn) Healing, and  Why is it so takes a more in-depth explination.

Where does this vibration originate from or,

"What makes it so".

Within this system there are 4 recognised symbols, 'chokurei', 'seiheiki', 'honshazeshonen' and 'daikomyo'. They can be seen as symbols or as single words (describe as Switchwords with no spaces, puntuation or gaps). The symbols have also been associated with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. mainly for easier identifaction. Each of these symbols no matter how they are written hold individual vibrations.

Depending on how a sentence is written during an attunement and providing that only the 4 recognised symbols are used, and they can be written in 6 different ways.

Simply put, if the sentence (Attunement) is written as 1, 2,  3,  4,  the resulting 5th symbol is “unconditional love”, not as many claim ("universal life force energy"). if however by writing the sentence (Attunement) and rearranging 2, 3, 4, the results create different 5th vibrations these are “fathermothersource” ”situation” “satisfaction” “vitality” “youth”.

So now we have some answers to the questions but is that all that is 'NO',

"What is Reiki (The New Dawn) Healing and What makes it so".

Simple but complicated, confusing but not Spiritual connecting the Psychic/Mental/Emotional and the Physical but teaching but not taught, and the end result may be better health and a developed sence of calm.

All of this however is only the start of the journey, a journey that will involve the rest of your life working with your living systems. Just remember Nikola Tesla said, To understand the Universe you have to think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration, then you start to understand and work into the Universe.

Remember that this system is not natural or Spiritual, it is Created.

So read on and enjoy the bringing of (the New Dawn).

Leonard Thomas (Mr T).    

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