Reiki; What Is its Future

Reiki is not needed in Spirit. Reiki is only needed in the Physical. If that is True. What then is Reiki.

Reiki is an infusion of Frequency Energy/Vibration made from words or symbols as sentences (Affirmations) and placed into selected Chakras and retained. 

These sentences have no gaps or punctuation and are Affirmations.

These sentencess are placed into Energy Centres (Chakras) and at the completion of each progression (level) are retained.

The retention can be tested either directly with the client or at a distant.

If there is an indication of warmth/heat/not being able to enter then the Affirmation is retained and if not then there will be movement down into the person being tested.

 We keep being warned about scams, those who feed us with false information’s and want us to pay for their leadership.

Nothing is more a scam than that what is currently taught as the system of Reiki.

Yes the medical profession is correct to reject the majority of claims and practices made by many about Reiki but hidden away within the many claims is a reality of truth but they are confused with Spiritual Gifts. 

So let’s take a modern look at the system called Reiki and how it can really be of benefit outside of the hypothetical and assumptions approach used by many people.

People think and use Reiki as Hypothecal and Assumptions in an atempt to create its message.

Any body who are capable of defence to the system will argue no.

They will show examples where the physical use of the Frequency of Energy/ Vibration to produce effective results that remove dis-ease from the invisible Mental/ Emotional and that allows for the physical to self-heal and is not spiritual. 

What are the basic fundamentals of the system of Reiki and where does it start.

As we are created within the womb we have 3 Bodies and these bodies have different tasks and objectives.

The 1st is the NeoSpiritual, not to be confused with the Soul Spirituality, a body designed to be open to Gifts which we can accept or reject because of our free will. Are you a healer, a medium or a psychic? (See 1 Corinthians 12, Paul’s letters).

The 2nd is where we harbour all of our Emotions which may turn into dis-ease that we have to remove.

And the 3rd the physical that we are aware of, that we can touch and feel.

All these bodies we live in.

So how do we improve our quality of life within these bodies?

The reality is to raise the Vibrations of our Energy Centres (Chakras) within our 2nd body. 

How is that achieved?

By being able to use the Frequency of Energy/ Vibration when written with sentences of words or symbols and applied to selected Chakras and be retained. 

But 1st an exercise the be aware of with feeling;

Hold a cloth/ Tissue or an object in one hand and with the other over the cloth write your 1st name and then hold the hands together. The question then is, what you may be feeling, warmth / heat or just something the you cannot explain.

What is happening; you are moving through the physical into the mental/ Emotional body to start to remove dis-ease and free up the physical to allow for self healing. 

So what are the meanings of words used with the system of Reiki.

Attunement;   Finding a place to be able to connect to, moving from place to place.

Affirmation;  Words or Symbols written as sentences that are used to increase vibrations of Chakras.  Energy centers that are found within the 2nd Body known as Chakras.

Hypothetical & Assumptions; claiming to be able to use the Symbols without retention. 

Note; if you are using words as Affirmation then the followings rules apply

No spaces or gaps, no punctuation. All words are written in either lowercase as signature or in UPPERCASE. 

If you want further information contact me @ 

And yes Truth is stranger than fiction.


What are Energy Therapies

“I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal life force energy and its relatinship to life for many ages.

However, the basic task of natural science should be directed to making this energy usable.

Nikola Tesla said that, To understand the Universe you have to think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration then you will start to understand and work into the Universe.

There are many claims made about numerous forms of energy or Bodywork therapy from the the use of touch, words or directed movement, Included with Spiritualaty to other complex holistic forms of therapy.

These claims revolve around systems that do not require physical manipulations and are ignored generally by the current Medical Profession.

The Human Body is a very complex machine.

Its is a full Living energy systems.

How does therapy work toward dissolving the armored blocks and freeing bound negative emotions. Removing these armoured blocks reduce painful symptoms such as depression, confusion, anxiety, inappropriate rage and various self-defeating behaviors. And at the same time, these interlocking energy therapys facilitates a deeper capacity to assertively reach for desired goals such as joyfulness, deeply loving sexual expression, and creative pleasures, as well as the capacity to feel deeply, to think clearly, and see the world realistically.

Armoring is, at the time of origin, beneficial. By protecting us from overwhelmingly painful thoughts and emotions, armoring temporarily allows us to continue to function.

These reactions of protection should be short lived in nature – to deal with the threat and bring ourselves to safety, then drop the armor. However, if the adverse stimuli are severe enough, or continue for an extended period of time, the physical, emotional and psychological defenses become chronic. This is armoring – chronic patterns of inhibited breathing, inhibited emotions, muscular tensions, and fixed patterns of thinking and behaving.

Over time, armoring can become chronic or stuck, disrupting the free flow of our life energy, leading to the human becoming trapped in patterns of living that are unfulfilling or even destructive. The result of these unresolved defenses is that we either feel or exhibit many symptoms of emotional distress. We become trapped in patterns of living that are not fulfilling. When our energy becomes locked in. Armor however should be a temporary pattern of defending oneself during times of emotionally distressing events; reactions and behaviors that were designed to keep us safe. But when armor is chronic, over time it limits our capacity to have flexibility in our emotions and behaviors, a tool is then needed to develop a full and satisfying life. Our life energy gets stuck and as a result we feel stuck.

Saying that our life energy gets stuck and blocked within us is more then just a metaphor.

Modern Medical science has understood approximately 40% of the workings of the entire body. But the one saving grace is that “the body knows how to heal itself”. In the mothers womb, the male and female cells unite and start multiplying and forming various organs. The instruction which these cells follow is in the DNA.

Our Body is made up of millions and millions of cells. A group of cells join together to perform specialized body functions and form various organs. Other groups form the nervous system, skeletal system, digestive system etc. But all the cells are similar i.e. and when the systems and cells all work in harmony at the cellular level, healing takes place.

When the cells and the systems of our body undergo a change from normal healthy cells, a dis-ease sets in the mental/emotional. In other words when the frequency of vibration of a group of cells changes from the normal, a dis-ease is created and there is a disruption that has to be repaired.

That change can occur due to an accident, injury, trauma, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong food habits, old age etc. The cells and systems which are now abnormal can heal themselves and attain the state of normalcy with the help of adequate energy with the similar frequency of vibration as a healthy cell.
Pollution, greed, ignorance is degrading our planet. Our bodies and mind have to deal with negative energy every day.

What happens when an Energy therapy is used.

Energy therapies works toward dissolving the armored blocks and freeing bound emotions, and in this manner reduces the painful symptoms such as depression, confusion, anxiety, inappropriate rage and various self-defeating behaviors. At the same time, energy therapy facilitates a deeper capacity to assertively reaching for desired goals such as joyfulness at work, deeply loving sexual expression, creative pleasures, as well as the capacity to feel deeply, think clearly, and see the world realistically.

When you use an energy field, as it is designed, it will energize you with a high level of energy channeled to you. When you use energy some will experience seeing different colors, see visions, feel tingling, heat or coldness or both at the same time or all of the above.

What you experience will be determined by your spiritual evolvement. All will be different. You may experience light headedness or dizziness or a little wobbly when you get up this, will pass with no side effects. This may indicate a high level of energy.

So where do we go from here. There are many therapies and devices that claims of healing are made about from Dowsing (Pendulums) to Spiritual Healing to Touch Therapy and a System called Reiki, but with the system of Reiki there are many confusing claims about the effectiveness or its origins.

The system of Reiki is complex but simple but limited. With the use of symbols or words a formula is constructed and applied to selected higher Chakras.

Spiritual Healing is a something that a person may be aware of from a very young age, however it may not make an appearance until later in life, in recent times many have been confused with the promotions that Spiritual Healing and that the system of Reiki are the same, they are not, with spiritual healing you can, as some describe, turn it on or off whereas with the Reiki System, because the selected Chakras have had their vibrations increased and the direction has been changed, it becomes a living energy and is active all the time.

Dowsing is another old age system and can be used to remove dis-ease from the body with the use of Pendulums, with a Pendulum they can be constructed from anything that has a physical weight. Tied to a length of cord, about 8” in length, an experienced practitioner can effect the removal of dis-ease, it does take time and practice to achieve positive results

EFT is another form of effective Healing but it is suggested that when the System of Reiki is applied all is addressed where as with EFT a single direction is used in the Setup.

Meridian Therapy when used as touch therapy is capable of removing blockages within the Meridian System however a system described as Acupuncture where Needles are used to penetrate the skin to unblock the Meridians confuses the Meridian Therapy.

Reflexology is a system similar to Meridian Therapy except blockages may appear in the feet or the hands and charts have been produced that indicate which Meridian may appear to hold the blockage.

There are other holistic energy therapies that many people use but those that are effective are the ones that can be used in a distant mode, the client and the Therapist do not have to be together.

It is important to note that the process of change can be difficult and challenging. Energy Therapies are very powerful tools for change and as such, it can be at times challenging, frustrating, intense or exhilarating. It is a means to become more alive and aware, but like all therapies it is not a guarantee of happiness. Some days are better than others and sometimes life is just plain hard. If life sends you suffering, you will likely also experience suffering with more awareness and intensity.

Suffering tempts us to return to old habits of armoring. If on the other hand, you remember what you learned, (for example “Oh yeah, I’m holding my breath again”), you will likely be able to let go of that pain more quickly and move on, rather than hold onto it and tighten back up.

Len Thomas

Energy, Frequency & Vibration.

I have been asked many times to explain what ‘Reiki’ really is.

Even though I compare the system of Reiki to that as a burning candle, many different system exist as to how to do an Attunement, the end result as to hold the added vibrations is to be able to give out other than receive.

To make it easy; I compare the system of Reiki to that of a burning Candle.

When lit it has no Shadow.

When lit it gives of Light

When lit it gives of Warmth and Comfort.

Sometimes when not handled with care it will burn.

And it takes only a slight miscalculated breath that will blow it out.

But somebody has to know how to light that Candle so that it keeps burning

So how does a candle compare to the System of Reiki.

The system of Reiki has no shadow yet when shown, you know it is there.

The energy that it gives out is Light and unconditionallove

The healing power it gives out is Warmth and comfort

But, when not handled at the introduction with care, the connection will fail.

And yes somebody has to know how to light the system to keep it burning.

The system of Reiki is a something that is not easy to explain as it is awareness that allows for an understanding as to ‘What it really is’.

And the trick is how to light the candle and to allow for it to keep it burning.

Once the candle is lit there will be an endless flow of Unconditionallove/Fathermother source/Satisfaction/Situation/Vitality/Youth within all of the energy centress of the physical from a balanced Mental/Emotional Body.

So: May the force be with you till the ends of your days.

REIKI is a something

I am not a Medium or a psychic but I know that the Energy that I give out removes dis-ease and Heals.

But around the System of Reiki are many loonies who are unable to make even a reasonable case as to what it is without reverting to many falsehoods about it.

Some attempt to put forward many well constructed and argued presentations as to what they consider the system really is but leave themselves open to the critics as their claims revolve around the Spiritual connection.

Then there are others who are attached in a never ending attach as their claims suggest that the System has no connection to the Spiritual but is internal.

Those who use the proofs that the system really works internalay are smothered by claims that the system is Spiritual, those claims are made by many alleged experts and continually supported even though there is provable evidence that it is not Spiritual.

The system of Reiki is an imbedded Energy Therapy System.

A something Imbedded because vibrations are applied through the Physical into the Mental/ Emotional Energy Centres (Chakras) and those increase the vibrations of the Chakras and with the reversing the flow from receiving to giving out the applied vibrations are retained.

 So how does the system really work. In simple terms, each of the 4 recognised Symbols associated with the system, hold different vibrations and generally appear to effect different parts of a physical body, that is similar to the way that a persons first name has an effect on a body.

The keys to the system of Reiki is vibration, vibrations that are written as sentences and applied through the physical into the energy Chakras that are unseen within and is called an attunement.

The proof that vibrations exist are when they are felt by the client in different parts of a body.

So how do you prove that these vibrations exist?

As there are no devices available to measure them, simply the human body is the device for measuring, by being aware of the vibrations that are created.

A Simple Exercise is to start with your first name; place your hands palm to palm, bring them a apart about 2inches, and then with the centre of one palm into the other write your 1st name into the palm of that hand, place the hands together and just “let it happen”. this should be done in the lower case.

Another way to be aware is to place a hand on your knee, raise the hand slightly and write your first name and place the hand back on the knee, What may you be awre of.

The reactions may be very varied and different from person to person, and that may be because every-body holds different blockages or armour and these need to be cleared. Some try to describe the feelings but even if there is a feel of something that is beyond description, that is alright.

If you do pull your hands apart or lift your hand then you have to do the action again.

There are 2 ways to write your name, Upper Case or lower case, different awareness may be experienced with which ever way that you choose. With UPPER CASE you connect to Universal Energy while with lowercase you work with your internal self.

There are many ways to identify and work with vibrations but the system of Reiki works with the vibrations created by Symbols or single words, in particular the 4 recognised symbols of the system.

As you now may be by aware of the effects of your first name, try drawing each of the symbols or write the single words onto single sheets of paper and one at a time hold a paper and just again “let it happen”, you may be aware of different feelings that you may not be able to describe, just let it happen.

Now you may be ready to have applied the different vinrations to your Chakras.

So what is an Attunement?

By just asking the Question; 'What is an Attunement', not many will give any straight answer as to what it is.

Again as with all that is associated with this system every thing is simple but many make it secret and complicated, this complication leads to expensive fees and much mumbo jumbo. Much of what is claimed about the system is in fact “Mumbo Jumbo”. Don’t confuse that mumbo jumbo with what may be “Voodoo” or something that is called “Black Magic”.

Lifting the Veil off the Attunement Process.

Using the 4 recognised Symbols or words of the system a sentence is constructed.

This sentence is then applied through the physical into the Mental/ Emotional body.

What does that mean?

Within the Mental/ Emotional body Science identifies Energy Centres or Chakras.

These energy centres are recognised in two distinct groups, the main group are claimed to be 7 in number,( actually there are 11) and the secondary group which number in excess of over 250, claims are made the every joint in a body holds these.

Within the main group some of the Chakras are classified as lower Earth Connections and others as higher Spiritual. These Chakras are also recognised by Colour.

The lower ones are the Root, Sacral and the Solar Plexus. The colours are Red, Orange and Yellow. The vibrations start at slow at the Root, slowerly increasing with the Sacral until the Solar Plexus.

The higher vibrations start at the Heart where the colour is Green to the Throat with the Colour Blue to the forehead and the Colour is Purple then to the Crown at the top of the head. Most ignore the Kings Crown but ancient Indian manuscripts pay much attention to these Chakras as they are the only ones that are outside of the Mental/ Emotional Body.

So what is a sentence.    

The most common sentence is constructed from the 4 recognised symbols associated with the Reiki system. Original Teachings taught that the symbols should be kept secret but they, in different forms, are well published and it is possible to experiment with the different ways that they are written.

There are some who see them in the way that they are written and become aware of their different levels of effect,

1. chokurei, 2 seiheiki, 3 honshazeshonen & 4 daikomyo.

It is suggested that there are 6 different ways as to write a sentence starting from

unconditionallove, fathermothersource, satisfaction, situation, vitality & youth.

So now the groundwork has been applied for connection to the System the Something, and to how it may happen.

Reiki is not spiritual, it is the increasing of the vibrations of selected energy centres and giving out not receiving.

Many will dispute that statements but the proof exists by using one of two simple test and being aware.

When an Attunement has been completed at any level, the direction of the flow of energy must be changed from receiving to giving out, this change of direction allows for a retention of the applied vibrations. It is an action applied within the attunement process that allows this to happen.

Checking for change, if hands are placed over a Crown one of two things may be detected.

With the placement of the hands over the Crown you may be aware of or feel within self a flow of Energy into the person and they may feel or be aware of the movement of the Energy. The person is receiving and any applied vibrations are not held within.

However if warmth or heat is felt or as though the person has a hat on and you cannot enter through the Crown, then the person is holding the higher vibration from the Attunement. This test can be performed with distant Healing.

Any person can work with symbols, that is described as Harmonising but, as with Emotions only one can be used at any one time. The imbedded Reiki system does not have that restriction, it works with the whole in both vibrations and the Self. 

REIKI is not Spiritual. It is an imbedded vibrational System from the Physical into the Mental/ Emotional Body.

Reiki, the something now has form.


Reiki in it's application is simple once you get past all of the fear generated by the so-called-gurus and the money back if not satisfied claims.

There really is no secrecy within the system called Reiki. It is possible that anybody once instructed as to how to make it work does not have to be an Attuned Master, it is that simple.

As an introduction to the subject of vibrations and as to "What REIKI is", the following examples will help you to be aware.

Just being aware of something that you may not be able to explain

1, with a piece of paper about the size of a business card write the following single word;


Just as one word in UPPER CASE with no gaps, then hold the paper in one hand for about 1 miniute. allow your feelings to tell you what you may be aware of. Remember in one word with no spaces.

2, then with another paper write the word in lower case; (some describe that as running writing), remember one word and no spaces, again what may you be aware of.

Maybe they are different, maybe the feeling goes deep within, there may be the feeling of Heat or there may be a nothing. That is to be expected as the many blockages that are within the psychic/ emotional body that have to be cleared before freedom expands.

Reiki is not Universal Life Force Energy, Reiki in reality is "unconditionallove".

When understanding that then the rest of what you experience will releace the majority of the blockages within. That is the effects of the system of Reiki.

Practice and Enjoy.

So, What is REIKI!

It is vibration held internally

The secret is how to hold it!


Reiki is a something beyond understanding but when applied it is;

So you saw an add about Reiki and want to know more about,

“What is it”.

Most responses to that question will describe to you that it is a hands on healing system, that it is not religious but is spiritual in nature but, they can not define whatthe something called Reiki really is.

The simple answer as to What is Reiki, is where a person has been able to increase the vibrations of your Spiritual Energy Centres, (the Crown, Kings Crown, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and palms of both hands) to a higher vibration or level and by sealing or reversing the direction of flow with the Crown, those applied vibrations are held within the Chakras.

The sealing of the Crown is really reversing the direction from "Receiving in" to, "Giving out" and when hands are placed over the Crown, warmth or heat is felt.

The vibrations of the 4 recognised symbols individually when written as a sentence and applied, (the application is called an attunement or empowerment), from the Physical into the Energy Centres ( Chakras) of the Mental/ Emotional Body and at the completion of each Level, ( and there are 3 recognised Levels ) the directions are reversed. The practice of reversing after the completion of each level is to ensure that the Crown is giving out and the applied vibrations that are held within the Mental/ Emotional body for life.

The system of Reiki is not Spiritual but is 3rd and 4th dimensional. There is no need for you to learn anything as you are only the recipient of the attunement/empowerment process but it is advisable to attend workshops so as to have an idea as to how the higher vibrations can be useful to you.

Going though the 3 recognised levels will increase the vibrations within you.

The placing of the hands "Thumb to Thumb " over the Crown will indicate either a flow of Energy into the Body or an awareness of warmth or Heat at the Crown. This awareness of warmth or Heat indicates that the Crown is giving out the applied vibrations, if no heat exists then the Crown is open and receiving and the only way that the vibrations are accessed is by Harmonising.

Reiki is very simple yet it has its complexities. It is powerful but is not complicated.

Many will try to impose their belief pattens and claim that their procedures are the only way to make Reiki work and the system is Spiritual.

The system is not Spiritual.

Our though is that everybody should at least have the first level.

The system of Reiki is an imbedded system, you hold the vibrations permanently if the Crown is reversed, if not, the applied vibrations will in a short time fade back to the state that existed before any attunement/empowerment was applied.

Trust yourself and be aware. There are many who unfortunately claim to know all about what the system is but do not.

Attunements cannot be applied as Distant or in the Aura except into the Kings Crown.

And yes the results are hands on healing technique but that only happens after the attunement.

Len Thomas   02 9586 2427

Always be able to understand what it is you do.

There are many & varied explinations as what is the something about




or as MAKAO USUI called it as, his own.

If somebody says to you that they have "REIKI"!

What is the someting that they are 'supposed' to have!

Is it Spiritual flowing in through the Crown and out the hands, or


 internal within self,

(a higher vibration) by increasing the vibrations of  the Spirtual Chakras.

 You really cannot do something if you do not understand what it is!

Within these pages we will introduce you to what


or as called by many "REIKI" really is

and how it will help you.

The Psychic/ Emotional Body is where there are many problems.

Very few people have any idea as to what 


Why do people tell you what it is supposed to do and then they produce a lot of "mumbo jumbo"as to what they think it is.

In fact very few can answer the question as to what "IT is" let alone understand  it!

So what is USUI SHIKI RYOHO or "Reiki"!

It is in reality an operating system designed to increase the vibrations of the Higher Chakras.

"It is combinations of the vibrations of the 4 recognised symbols that are associated with Reiki".

Remember everything is vibration!

Using a process described as an attunement;

The 4 recognised symbols associated with USUI SHIKI  RYOHO or Reiki are applied as formula/sentence through the dence physical body into the finer vibrations of the mental/psychic/emotional body to selected Higher Energy Chakras.


It is not as some claim, the bringing of energy in through the Crown and out of the hands, that is Spiritual Healing.


The vibrations of the Spiritual Chakras,Heart,Throat, Third Eye, Crown & Kings Crown are increased.


There are 3 levels recognised within the origional USUI SHIKI RYOHO system of Reiki.


Level 1 Raises the vibrations of the,Crown,

"left and right of the Kings Crown",

Heart, Third Eye & The palms of the hands and has 4 levels and at the last of 4 attunements the energy flow is reversed .


Level 2 adds further inceases to the vibrations of the Crown, left and right of the Kings Crown, Heart, Third Eye, and adds the Throat, & The Lower Kings Crown and has 2 attunements and again at the last attunement the flow of energy is checked to ensure that the flow of energy is reversed.


Ensuring the the flow of energy is reversed maintains the higher energy.


 The 3rd level is for a Master.

Some claim that there is a 4th level for a teacher. That claim is not proven.

What is obverous is that there are 2 Groups within the system

Those who receive and those who give out.

Those who receive in a short time after an attunement generally revert back to their origional vibrations, they do not hold the added vibrations received during an attunement.



Regardless to what many may think.

The difference between the 2 groups can be tested

There are 3 simple ways to TEST the value of the connection.

Don't let your EGO tell you.

Learn how to test for connection.

There are Worlds, beyond our senses. We wish we knew them well. It is Love's homes, without pretenses. Tender places where all can dwell. They do not hide, and are plain for all to see, And but they just awaits our call. Together we can clear all debris, And join in Love for all.

Many ignore the Living Energy that exists within (Mikao Usui)

 There is a saying that says.

"Those who say something can't be done, should stop bothering those who are doing it!"

There are NO limits or boundaries.

Just be open to all possibilities

 Fellow travellers of

 "Universal Life Force Living Energy",

"We are all Souls ( Our Authentic Selves) who have incarnated into the physical 3rd dimension to learn and enjoy",

Welcome to the Universe and all that it offers.

To all of those who wish to observe and particapte 

"With The Bringings of the New Dawn", 

We  journey to explore and discover as to what our mission is and always will be; it is,

"This amazing journey of self!"

We are all Souls having a Physical Experience, not as humans having a Spiritual Experience!

In the physical too much attention is paid to negative blockages and ignoring where we should really start, the Mental/emotional/Psychic. 

The negativity dampens the creation of vibrational awareness, often resulting in the creation of more of the same.

If you believe in the concept that, "thought creates reality", then it is important to regard self as a canvas of your creation.

Sometimes being stuck knee deep in the muck and mire of an apperent negative reality does make it sound more complicated. 

But by focusing on finding the good actions of self and demonstrating your ability to recognize them, that, by doing so, you help to create a contrary position to all the negativity.

Of course it would be wonderful if all this could be created with a snap of the fingers. 

But unfortunately it is a fact that the emphasis on the negative gets much more attention. 

Therefore, it is imperative to be patient, while continuing to appreciate all the positive moments, people and actions that you can find.

Sometimes you may feel all alone in the endeavor! 

You may become despondent at the density of the mountain of negativity. 

However, realize that your Soul Self is right there with you, supporting you, guiding you, and loving you. Together there is the probability of a new perspective and energy.

Assisting with a positive moment to be appreciated by all.

Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you

Light and Love to All

Leonard J Thomas, "A bringer of the new Dawn".


There is more to helping self than we can ever imagine



 About ‘’

Our mission statement is

 "We are here to help fight the Invisible Battles hidden within all of us".

 We Specialise in HOLISTIC lifestyle and Self-health management techniques that are designed to suit the specific needs of Individuals and Corporations.

Our aim is to develop within the individual a better relationship, balance and quality of life, both with self and the family. 

Do you want to increase your work performance, wealth, success and to be aware of more energy!

This is possible by the use of simple techniques that are designed to assist in being aware of one's own self and you feel better

To do what you need to do to be stress-free, sleep better, to have the ability to deal with physical addictions such as giving up smoking, losing weight, improving concentration and memory, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

You need to develop techniques to handle the emotions that are present with PMT, PTSD, Autism, All forms of "Cancer", and for dealing with arthritis, aches and pains, low immunity and there is so much much more ...

Within the following pages we will show and explain how to be aware of the benifts of the numerous Complementary Holistic Energy Healing Therapies including, but not limited to

USUI SHIKI RYOHO (Reiki), Massage, Kinesiology, Meditation, EFT, Pendulums, Switchwords, Self Help

and much more, 

Our Chakras ( Energy Centres ) are living energies that allow for the understanding of the energy within our "Tree of Life", and our Souls physical incarnation for learning and enjoyment of each of our material lives.

Follow with us, as we explore and enjoy life and all of it's benefits within the living energies of these pages.

Love and Life

From a bringer of 'the New Dawn'

Leonard J Thomas

Phone 02 9586 2427

On the Corporate Level.

Decrease workers compensation claims and employee sick days, reduce staff turnover, promote teamwork, increase staff loyalty, have the upper hand on your competitors, increase productivity and ultimately your bottom dollar line.

What blocks our progress towards better Health

It is about time that we all moved out of the box that is created and controlled by the conventional medical system and those controlling and creating belief patterns.

Holistic Health Systems do not interfer with the conventional medical systems. In fact they assist.

We all Ignore the fact that;

All of our problems do start in the Mental/Psychic/Emotional body.

We all have 3 Bodies.The Physical/Material, The Mental/Psychic/Emotional, and the Spirit Body

Those who practice psychiatry (concerned with mental illness) and psychologists (who study the mind and behavior) and other 'Trained Professionals' in the medical system, say that they have the answers how to heal;

I don’t believe that they do!,

Remember they only become involved when the dis-ease appears in the physical body as a disease and by then unfortunately it may be too late.

Our aim is to involve you in the task of your own self Help and the removal of the dis-ease before it manifests itself into a disease in the physical.

We are able to demonstrate how easy it is for you to work with your Emotional Body to reach a state of Calm and balance. 

At the House of Calm we have developed simple methods of using energy therapies and meditation, engaging the use of holistic energy therapies that, after working with many people we have proved that our clients find that it really works.

It is as simple as working with the energy that you can create with your hands.

There is no need to have a special place because you are that place.

* Your material body is your Church,    

* Your Mental/Psychic/Emotional body are the lights within your Church and

*  your Spirit body are the Stars around you.

It takes but a short time until you become aware of the creation of a sence of Calm and get used to using it.

Have you ever used a technique called "Air Writing "

This is the same method that you use to play an Air Guitar. You imagine that you hold an  guitar and use your hands to Air Play the instrument.

AN Exercise using the Air writing technique

Clasping your hands together, open them to about 2 inches apart and air write

The first name you were born with

for about 1 min.

Be aware of what you may feel, it will be different with everybody.

This method allows you to have a connection to your Psychic/Emotional body and is the start of an enjoyable journey towards a living energy.

This is a first step towards self healing, 

try it and enjoy, it really works for many, many, problems.

After you have practised this exercise you can then hold a tissue or a cloth in one hand and still be aware of the flow of energy.

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