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Written by Manju on 4. Sep, 2017
Please help me sell my plots/ land urgent at my desirous price
Written by Helen Campbell on 12. Feb, 2016
Most Impressive - WOW - James Mangan's The Secret to Perfect Living - found me in an Antique store 20+ yrs ago -fell off the book shelf by my foot - have used it ever since - I was searching the web for info to share on Switchwords and found this site - Mangan's son sent me signed copies of James' books - have cherished and shared the info ever since. St Petersburg Florida USA
Written by Winifred on 23. Jan, 2015
Dear Len; Thank you for your simplicity and kindness, and wonderful information. I have tried some of the instructions with the word vibration, and it was awesome. Lots of energy through my body, but heaviness in my head. Will practice more.
Written by Joanna Kazmirowicz on 17. Apr, 2013
Hi Len
I have followed your link and started to create my website. Thanks for advice.
I like very much the simplicity of your web design and its informative content.
Written by Julieta on 19. Oct, 2012
I have met and worked with Len and I find that he has enormous spiritual presence, honesty and great power, which he uses for good. He effortlessly radiates calm, comfort, healing and well being. A bit like when one sits in the sun. One sucks up all the goodies yes the sun looses no power. Thank you Len :-)
Written by Alexis on 10. Sep, 2012
Dear Len,
Thank you for sharing your website with me. I particularly benefited from reading the Love and Fear text. Take Care.
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