Reiki Courses. Pricing and Contact

Meditation and Healing sessions for better health ...    $  40.00




Reiki @ level 1.                     ............. $   100.00 AU

Reiki @ level 2.                     ............. $  TBA

This will includes workshops

Reiki @ Master.

3 years practice before attunement ..   $  TBA

All prices will be quoted in Aust $

You are a Soul that has incarnated into the physical to learn and enjoy but primarly to assist self towards Enlightment. You may have had many lifetime experiencess.

Meditation sessions are regular workshops that are designed to introduce you as to how to use the elements of Meditation from the physical into the psychic/ emotional body at all levels for self Healing and to remove all 'Unresolved Issues' from your Ancestral and Soul pathlines.

You will be aware of that Sence of Calmness Meditation. $40.00 Per session

The greatest Gift is level 1, All should have it.

Level 1. Reiki,

A level of Attunement increases the vibration of selected Key Spiritual Energy Centres (Chakras).

These centres are the Crown, Kings Crown left and right, Heart, Third Eye and the Palms of the Hands. This level allows for working on self and one on one with another person.

This level is provided either as;

1. Over a weekend 'Saturday & Sunday in 4/2hour sessions which includes 4 Attunements.  or

2. Over 4 consective Days with each day consisting of a 2 hour session and a total of 4 Attunements. or

3. Over 4 weeks with 1 day with each day consisting of a 2hr session and a total of 4 Attunements.

Cost $100.00 including all level 1 Attunements.

level 2. 

A level 2 Attunement Increases the vibrational level of the Higher Energy Centres and adds 2 more Spiritual Energy Centres to those of level 1.

This level is provided in a weekend or in 2 one day sessions with practice time as to being aware how you flow with the Holistic Energy.

This level is designed for those who wish to work at the professional level

Cost $ TBA for all full session, including all workshops.

 Level 3 or Master Level

There are many 'teachers' who offer this level but are you really ready to work with this higher level within your energy centres, are you really competent in passing on the knowledge and information!

Master level is over a weekend. This level includes future workshops.

Cost $ TBA

 As an introduction we offer a free 1hr workshop to the phenomena called Reiki.

The session allows you to have some knowledge about the values of Reiki as an energy therapy that helps to clear your sub-conscious self.

For more information;

or phone 02 9586 2427

Our workshops are conducted at 1/83 Queens Rd HURSTVILLE 2220, or

If you have a place that is suitable or, have a group setting let us know.

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