Fight Back against All Negative Energy at all levels

Does Reiki heal cancer; NO.

What Reiki does is to clean negative blockages from the psychic/ emotional body where dis-ease starts and balance the energies. 

Asking questions to get behind reasons for cancer treatment with E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Techneque.

Jamina Kovacev from New Zealand displays some critical reasons as to why we develop diseases such as cancer. These concepts have wide use and merit your study. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

My client had bowel cancer that has been surgically removed and doctors wanted her to go through 9 months of chemotherapy.  She refused chemotherapy.  A scan before the surgery showed something on her liver and she has been told that if it is cancerous she has only 10% chance to survive.  If it is not, then it is all good - particularly if she takes chemotherapy as an option.

When she came to me her liver area was very painful.  The very first thing I always do with chronic condition clients is to find out their level of belief that they will be healed.  Many core issues usually come out of that question.

I was very surprised when Mary (not her real name for privacy reason) told me that her belief is 10 out of 10 that she will overcome this cancer challenge.  I was sure that everything that came out in our conversation and particularly doctor’s predictions would leave big scars on the mental writings on her walls.  It was not possible in my mind that she had a belief level of 10.

I started questioning her motivation to overcome cancer and to live.  Mary is single mum and has 3 little children, the youngest only 3 years old.  She surely wanted more than 10 out of 10 to live and stay around for them.  Only after identifying motivation to live or want, was I able to access her real belief level.

I asked her to imagine that she did not have children and then to tell me how much she believes she can overcome cancer challenge.  Surprisingly even to her, it was only 2.  

Apart from what doctors told her, she had many other issues - like I do not deserve to live, I am not worthy … and a number of core childhood issues needing to be cleared.

This gave me a big lesson to pay attention with every client and not to trust his or her belief level without checking motivation first.

The second big AHA with the same client was that the client does not necessarily need to have a big emotional shock that causes the cancer.  My experience in the past was always telling me that there was one and it was relatively easy to find it.

It just happened that I watched movie The Secret at the time Mary was having sessions.  As I was not able to find any major events in her life that were happening before her sickness, I tried asking all kind of questions.  When I asked what might be worse than cancer, I could not believe my ears when I heard the answer.  “To work as hard as I was before I got the cancer.”

It was not only the secondary gain that came out and would keep her there, but I also believe that it was the cause of her condition.

I have questioned it a bit more and to me it looked like the scene with the genie in the movie, The Secret and the words “Your wish is my command.”  Mary told me that she clearly remembers how she was sitting on the house veranda, exhausted after the whole day of gardening (her profession), looking at the clear sky with stars and desperately asking for all this to stop no matter how, just to stop, all hard work, all exhaustion.

Only after a few weeks she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  Really sounds like, “Your wish is my command.”  She did not have an answer for her wish.  Looks like a big mistake.

I am not including set up statements here, as it would be pages long.  We did need to reframe her secondary gain and find different solutions for her to feel safe being healthy and to know that she can organize her life differently and live it much more enjoyable.

Here is her testimonial

“Sessions helped me a lot with pain.  Even on the first session, pain in liver area lessened quite a bit.  I have also experienced monumental change – I am much happier and freer.  The biggest thing for me was that I was able to liberate myself from the past events and beliefs that were affecting me without me being aware of that.  Once in my life I was free. Related directly to cancer – I stopped being fearful. Our sessions started one month after the surgery and instruction to have chemo.  I have refused chemo and in very short period of time I was told that I am clear from cancer.  I can not tell how much our sessions contributed to it, but I do feel that they have played an important role.” 


What is meant by Fight Back.It means

1.  to resist an attack

2.  to counterattack

3.  to struggle, to repress, to fight back, to resist the tears

4. an act or campaign of resistance

5. a counterattack

 The verb FIGHT BACK has 2 senses:

1.    defend oneself

2.    fight against or resist strongly

 Our Aim is to Fight Back against Cancer and all other negative blockages

 How do we intend to do that

There are numerous ways to fight-back

Our prime aim of Fight-back is to establish many means of Self help.

Self help allows us to Resist an Attack

Self Help Allows us to mount a counter Attack

Self help allows us to defend against all of ‘The Anger, Fear, Shame, etc’ that creats the negativity that we see as what we have to resist.

How do 'YOU' define ‘FIGHT BACK’

 You are living a life, being Male or Female, very comfortable and then something happens, You become Ill, not just an illness that just goes away but something more devastating and Life Threatening, you have been diagnosed with (……………….)

 What happened and what do you do?

 Nobody can tell you what happened for you to get this major disease. There will be many explanations but you have your doubts as to its origin.

Was it ancestral, you think that one of your parents passed away from it.

Did you come into contact with it in the environment at work or at Play. There are very few dis-eases that you come in contact with in the environment, those that you do are not your fault and to repair the damage caused is not easy.

 What we must consider in ‘Fight Back’, are those dis-eases that seems to have no environmental impact, but have a large impact on the Psychic/ Emotional environment of Self, the main cause of our problems.

 There are two approaches that we must consider,

 the Psychic/ Emotional and the Physical.

 The definition of Psychic/ Emotional covers many areas that require healing, from the most devote, to what is wrongly describes as the ‘New Age’. Evidence of psychic/ Emotional and spiritual healing is not readily accepted by many and is considered to be in the realm of ‘Miracles’.

 The Physical is more acceptable to those who are looking for relief from the pain and suffering because of the dis-ease that they have been subjected to.

 Massage and Energy healing therapies provide short-cuts to relief of the pain


Australian Senate inquiry into therapies to assist cancer patients


SENATE INQUIRY RECOMMENDATIONS about Complementary Therapies

(From the Inquiry into treatment and services in Australia for people affected by cancer 2005)


To help clarify some of these terms, the NCCAM best describes them as:

 Complementary medicine or therapy is used together with conventional medicine.

 Another interpretation is a medicine or therapy that is used in "addition"to mainstream medicine or "complements" health or specific therapies or treatment.

The term Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.

Integrative medicine combines mainstream medical therapies and complementary and alternative therapies for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.

Recommendation 21

The Committee recommends the National Health and Medical Research Council provide a dedicated funding stream for research into complementary therapies and medicines, to be allocated on a competitive basis.

Recommendation 22

The Committee agrees with the recommendation of the Expert Committee on complementary medicines in the health system, that the NHMRC convene an expert working group to identify the research needs addressing the use of complementary medicines, including issues around safety, efficacy and capacity building.  The Committee recommends that this working group should include complementary therapists in order to develop a strategy to coordinate and prioritise a dedicated research funding stream for complementary medicine and therapy research, taking into account research conducted overseas.  The group should also encourage the development of collaborative partnerships across disciplines.

Recommendation 23

The Committee recommends that the NHMRC develop workshops for complementary therapy researchers intending to compete for funding, where experienced researchers discuss their preparation of research proposals.

Recommendation 24

The Committee recommends that the NHMRC appoint two representatives, (including one consumer), with a background in complementary therapy, to be involved in the assessment of research applications received by the NHMRC for research into complementary and alternative treatments.

Recommendation 25

The Committee recommends that complementary therapy organizations form a collaborative group with the authority to negotiate with representatives from the established medical organizations and to make recommendations to government.  This body should organize a regular forum for representatives of complementary therapies to come together and discuss issues affecting their members such as regulation, research funding issues, collaboration and health and cancer initiatives at the Commonwealth, State and Territory levels.

Recommendation 26

The Committee recommends that Cancer Australia access the information available internationally on different complementary therapies and alternative products in order to provide up-to-date, authoritative, evidence-based information which can be regularly updated.  This information should be made available in different forms and made available to cancer patients and their families as well as health professionals and other interested individuals.

Recommendation 27

The Committee recommends that where quality of life may be improved by complementary approaches, methods to make such therapy more accessible be discussed by State and Territory cancer services, including consumer representatives.

Recommendation 28

The Committee recommends that State and Territory governments include the views of peak complementary therapy bodies in each State and Territory regarding the planning and delivery of cancer services.

These recomendations are the core of introducing Complementary Therapies into an integrating system that will deal with all aspects of treatment for those with Cancer, but nothing has happened since the recomendations were released in 2006.




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