Ego exists within this 3D life

Pitfalls of Ego

One of the biggest ego issues so many people are still struggling with is judgement.

Children from an early age do not have a problem with Judgement. Judgement is a belife patten imposed on us from the outside, from parents, media and many other influances.

I’m not totally sure how we all got so hooked by judgement, but it is one of the more serious issues we need to tend to and eliminate.

If you are one of the people just waking up and hearing about what is going on within and clearing stuff out, put judgement at the top of your list.

It has gotten us in more trouble and led us so far astray from where we should be.

It’s strange, if you think about it for a minute, how in heaven’s name did we become comfortable with judging those around us?

What a terrible thing it is to do!

It creates that Holier Than Thou attitude and walls us off even further from the world.

It is easy to slip into and unless you have trained yourself to watch your words and thoughts , you may not even know you are doing it.

So Beware!

Like Ego it needs to be eliminated, and from deep down, eliminated now.

The Ego

The ego is a limited belief system within your consciousness that you have molded and identified as being the real you.

The ego survives by establishing boundaries, borders and limits on everything it sees. The defining of such boundaries, borders and limits gives it the illusion that it can tell you what is right and wrong, all in an effort to control you by instructing you on what you are and are not, how you should act and not act, and why you should judge those who challenge it; the status quo. You are taught the right and wrong way to do things, the right and wrong way to react. Because you learn from the outside world, you believe that truth lies outside of you.

Judgment and fear feed the ego, generating numerous perceived weaknesses and limitations you believe you must defend as real.

The more time you spend in defense of the ego and your limitations, the more you believe that this is who you are. And because you see this ego as real and representing yourself, you defend it against anyone you perceive as attacking it. In your mind any view that does not support it attacks it.

You perceive the attacks (disagreements with your belief system and your Soul energy) on your ego and its illusion as real, and so you become defensive.

The more time you spend defending your false or ego-self, the more you reaffirm its reality, the more willing you are to come to its defense. The more you defend the illusion of the ego-self as real, the more concepts and ideas you will encounter in the world that don’t fit into your reality. You perceive different concepts and ideas as assaults to your reality. You defend your ego-self, through the act of judgment. The exercise of judgment separates you from your fellow brother or sister causing stress that may be conscious or unconscious. Stress creates confusion, and a build up of confusion ultimately leads to chaos.

You feel that by defending your beliefs, you strengthen them.

Yet the more you defend them, the more they weaken you. The more time you spend in defense of your ego-self, the more time you will exist in a state of confusion. You might give your state of confusion a hundred different names, such as annoyance, anger, stress, sadness, depression, but they all exist because of your belief in the ego’s reality. They all exist within your mind and are fed and kept alive by your belief in your ego-self.

Your tolerance for pain may be high but your acceptance of your ego-self is not without limit.

You will come to a point in your life where you will tell yourself that there must be a better way, a more fulfilling way of living that this just can’t be what it’s all about!  These thoughts begin the process of awakening yourself to the knowledge of who you truly are.

You must remove and exterminate your Ego and balance your Emotions

Egoism and the Composition of our Personality 

Our Divine Nature is immortal and unchanging.  However, our Human Nature is mortal and as a personality we are constantly changing. 

Understanding the composition of our mortal personality and bringing it under our control requires study.  This requires a serious examination of our life as a personality in an enduring pursuit to find the true cause of our confusion, pain, and suffering.  Then using reason we untangle ourselves and ascend the ladder of the relative truth to Self-Realization. 

This is not always an easy thing to do because eventually we will have to face our greatest enemy of all time. 

Cunningly, our enemy cloaks itself and stalks us from the shadows like the true predator it is.  Its greatest advantage is in its ability to keep from being detected.  This enemy is our self-created personal "egoism"

Make no mistake - it is a real and present devil in our lives.  It is the cause for ALL the misery, confusion, and suffering in our lives on the material plane, the psychical planes, and the lower spiritual planes. 

At times it may be very difficult to discover and face this devil but it must be done.  Egoism must be dismantled and exterminate completely to make way for greater measures of contentment, peace, and love.  Thus cleansing and purifying our personality in preparation for its assimilation with the Soul in Self Realization.

How can we face such an enemy as egoism, which is always masquerading as an Angel of Light?  By diligently using the so-called “golden keys to the kingdom of the heavens.”   These are the practices of Observation, Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation, and Introspection .  The Mind has been given to us all and we can use it as reason to free ourselves from the influences of egoism.   This is the best and most effective way to come out of the confusion and chaos.  There is another way which Daskalos called the “Whip of Destiny”.  Christ referred to this way as: What you sow, so shall you reap.   Scientifically we could call this the Law of Relativity – the Law of Cause and Effect.   In India they call this way Karma Yoga and the Buddhists speak of it in their teachings about Milarepa. 

The Whip of Destiny is the hardest way of all.  Where does it lead?  Eventually after long and painful experiences, we get our fill of suffering and wanting it to end we begin to reason our way out.  This is part of the message in Joshua’s Prodigal Son Parable.  In this parable, the son is given his inheritance from his father, the king, and squanders all of it.  After many journeys and experiences's he ends up so broke that he must eat the food intended for the pigs he is hearding.  He suffers such hardships and hunger that he begins to reason, saying: “How many of my father's hired men have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! I will set out, go back to my father, and say to him: ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired men.'" So he got up and went to his father.  But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. 

In both approaches, it is still reason that is used to correct our mistakes and return us home to our Divine Nature. 

It seems however, that the vast majority of humanity prefers the slow and painful Whip of Destiny.   

Yet, we are free to choose either way.  Obviously using reason before receiving the Whip of Destiny is preferable.  For those who are researchers of truth this is not only preferable but it is absolutely necessary.  Instead of habitually following the Trial and Error path of spiritual evolution with its vague aims and dead ends, we employ reason.  We begin to think like a person of action and act like a person of thinking.  We contemplate and study deeply our aims and desires prior to acting.  You have heard that our actions speak louder than our words.  Yet, it is our motivation that speaks louder than our actions and it is our intent that speaks loudest of all.  

Studying and understanding the true motivations and intent of a desire empowers you.

Contemplating logically the anticipated outcome (whether they are fulfilled or not fulfilled) of our desires provides insight and understanding. This understanding then provides us a greater measure of control in the course of events.  Instead of being blown around by the winds of Karma like tumbleweeds, we begin to gain self-mastery.

Using the golden keys of Observation, Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation, and Introspection  to understand our Human Nature what will we find out? 

We discover that our personality is composed of all our thoughts and emotions which are the elementals in varying degrees of quality.  Thus the quality of one’s personality is completely dependent on the quality of the thoughts and the emotions he or she expresses.  A house is built brick by brick, piece by piece and similarly our personality has been constructed elemental by elemental.   If you are a diligent researcher, you can trace how most of these elementals have been created by us or have been accepted by us from our time-place environment and energized in this current lifetime.  They are stored in one compartment of our Sub-Consciousness and over time surface for expression in order to sustain their existence. Yet, even if we traced all these elementals as our desires, concepts, and interests in life, we will also find other elementals as pre-existing conditions: predispositions, talents, and inclinations.   Their cause cannot be traced to this lifetime.   For example, Mozart’s talent and ability to write a symphony at age eight cannot be attributed to developmental learning alone. 

There are so many stories of child prodigies manifesting their incredible talents at an incredibly early age.  You cannot explain these occurrences by heredity or environmental learning.  How is this possible?  There must be a means for recording/storing developed skills and experiences in one lifetime, and something that makes them available in successive lifetimes.  

Eighty percent of our personality is composed of the elementals that can be traced to this present lifetime.  The other twenty percent is carry over from previous incarnations.  This twenty percent applies not only to the positive talents but to negative predispositions as well.  This twenty percent is the total of all our past life experiences distilled and stored within our Permanent Personality.  They are all accurately recorded within the  Permanent Atom as lessons learned (strengths) and lessons to be learned (weaknesses).  Within the Permanent Personality, we have this twenty percent as a nucleus.  Surrounding it like a garment is the eighty percent associated with the expressions of our present-day personality of this current incarnation.  This eighty percent of our peronality is active, but the twenty percent comes to us more as potentiality, which can either be actualized or ignored.  We do not remember much if anything of the twenty percent containing the past life experience because our center of focus is fixed on receiving impressions from the eighty percent within the present day personality’s self awareness.   It is also God’s mercy that we do not remember events form our past lives. 

Sometimes in our present life, we make mistakes, if they are serious mistakes, they can be difficult to forget, forgive and move beyond.  Can you imagine the burden of remembering all your past mistakes, errors, and wrongdoings?  It is a blessing as well as a protection that most of us do not recall our past lives.  As it offers us a fresh opportunity to progress, free from the remembrance of our past transgressions.   Yet the moment we evolve to the point where we can remember events from past incarnations without it being a hindrance, we do.  For each one of us the eighty percent and the twenty percent are different. 

As personalities, we each have our own unique mix of good and bad qualities from this incarnation as well as past incarnations.  This means that no two personalities are exactly the same.  The clash and conflict of these qualities between people creates the sense of separation and division so often felt in relationships.  Yet, the true reality behind the temporary sense of separateness is that we all are one within the Common Logoic Selfhood.  This is the foundation of Joshua’s statement:

“…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

  Once, Mother Teresa went to visit the derelicts in the Bowery of New York City. She looked out at all the alcoholics, the mentally unstable, the homeless and the helpless. Speaking of the oneness of humankind, she said to her suffering audience: “When I look at you, I only see Christ in distressing disguises.” This Common Selfhood is referring to the Divine Law of One.  

Those who understand the law will point out that when we complain about, criticize, or judge others that we are breaking the Law of One.  We become entangled in the illusions of separateness, miss the reality of our unity, and break the Law of One.  Breaking the Divine Laws unerringly brings a consequence.

A person was attending a lesson and wanted to know more about the Divine Laws.  So, after the lesson he followed Daskalos (teacher) down the street from the classroom to his home.  He approached him and said:  “Daskale, what other Divine Laws are we breaking?”  Daskalos looked at him and simply said: “All of them!” 

Love to all,

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