How do you find them

What Are Meridians?

They are like a network of rivers nourishing a landscape.

The meridians are the life-energy channels through which energy (qi) flows, to nourish and energize the human body at all levels. These channels exist within the subtle body – at the psychic/emotional level and you won’t find them on the operating table!

Collectively, they form the matrix within which the physical body functions. They also act as a link between the physical and the more subtle psychic/ emotional energetic bodies.

All major surgical operations cut through these lines and disrupt the flow of energy around the body. One of these major disruptions with women is caused by a C section birth or Caesarean operation when the cut is made horozontaly and called the bikini cut.

In the conventional medical system there doesn’t seem to be an explination for the pain that women who have had this C section birth. Persistant pain or lack of feeling is a significant problem.

The conventional medical system is saying, “just put up with it”.

Is there any answer to this persistant pain that that doctors seem to have no answer to. Yes

By repairing the meridians and restoring the flow of energy (qi) to the body.

It is important that there is a free flow of energy through the Meridian system’s but, conventional western medical systems on the operating table say you cannot find them, yet, ancient Chinese or Eastern medicine is based on their existance.

Repair of the meridians can be achived and is really the first major step in working with pain management.

If the energy (qi) does not flow then the removal of the feeling of pain becomes harder.

There is no need to have persistant pain even at the scar site as it can be removed and that includes the high level of post-surgical pain.

Evalution of clients in estabishing their medical and surgical history is a major step in answering the question , a major question is their history of surgical inteventions.

 This information gives the competent practitioner the information needed to be able to plan the direction required to develop a pain management system that is hopefully effective.

It is not the surgical C section/ ceasarean birth process that is the problem, it is the post-surgical therapy that fails. Pain management systems have to change for the betterment of the patient not to the satisfaction of the Medical System.

Len Thomas;   



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