Working to understand Holistic Vibrational Therapies

Introduction to the system of the New Dawn

Hello and welcome to an introduction about what is Holistic Energy Therapies (Frequency of Energy/Vibration) and the creation of a New Dawn.

I am Leonard Thomas (Mr.T) and I operate as a rescue centre.

Before I introduce you as to how you can assist people to remove negative blockages from the Mental/Emotional I will introduce you to the Frequency of Energy/Vibration.

I have been working with the Frequency of Energy/Vibration for about the last 20 years but not to its full extent.

My main focus is on a system we call the New Dawn is how the Frequency of Energy/Vibration with the use of words or symbols constructed as sentences 'Affirmations' and the use of Attunements that raise the vibrations of selected Chakras.

This is a system that covers many levels. Distant Healing, Chakra Cleansing, Meditation, Meridian Repair Therapy. All forms of bodywork and healing with Holistic Therapies, EFT, Relaxation, Reflexology, Dowsing/Pendulums, Stress Management, working with PTSD, Wellness management and Resolving unresolved Issues.

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My linage to the system of the New dawn is;

                               Marilyn Miller/ Clifford Dunning

Dawn Bruggen

Len Thomas (2004)

Within this website we will introduce you to many different Energy pathways to do with Health & Healing.

This phenomenon of the use of Frequency with Energy/ Vibration has the potential to bring some wonderful changes to you and the people around you, so if anything that we suggests strikes a chord with you, or if you can see yourself making the new dawn a part of your living life, and if you feel that this is the right direction for you then do get in contact with us and we can help you to take things further.

People today have a greater awareness of Alternative means of health care and this includes how for many that they perseive illness and dis-ease.

As awarness grows it is understandable that people will gravitate towards preventive medicine that advocates a way of life rather than waiting for something to go wrong 

It is symptomatic that people may move further and further away from situations that brings them into contact with health advice that may make them feel dis-empowered

The use of New Dawn therapy has been acreddited with bringing relief to a range of physical symptoms when other more conventional methods may have appeared to have failed.

The system works on the many levels of a persons mental psychical/emotional levels, the healing may be accompanied by insights as to why the symptoms were created in the first place.

It is important to recognise the role of the system and other complementary energy healing practices often refered to as CAM and how it should play an active role in our modern health care system and be integrated without threatening what already exists.

There are many explinations as to understanding the use of a name such as the New Dawn

Which ever way that you look at it, it is a term that describe the creative mind and creative expression of "All that is". The awareness of being comnscious as a Soul in a human body and being able to look at space and marvel at the fact that you are capable of being aware of the past right back to your origions, the big bang,

Everything that we see, smell, taste touch, feel and hear is creation and you know within self that you are part of it, maybe in some way it goes to explain.

Life Force Energy, is the energy that fuels creation. The motion of the Universe is powered by this force. It is the force that animates everything from the microbes to a exploding star. It is known in many traditions as Prana or Chi, to vibration as Orgone, it flows through the NADIS (as shown in Sandscrit) or meridians within a human body.

This energy is detected by using Kirlian photography, it is possible to record it on film, electromagnetic energy fields are all around us, disrupt it and we will be aware of it in our physical body.

The New Dawn is defined as the essence of unconditionallove and a living energy.

Whenever it is practiced, given that it is a living energy, therein there will always be a powerfull flow of energy in and around any body, a concentration of which will fill the heart with tremendous warmth. This energy is so tangible and that at times it feels like a web and is literally a painting or sculpting with living light, but it does not remain within after Death

A defination could be that we are creating a 'living ocean of energy'. What is more important is that this ocean consists of intelligent energy, it knows where it is most needed.

As a system it is something that anybody can "Learn", it allows for our most intinate connection to life.

The New Dawn is a usefull tool for our self awareness and personal transformation and provides us with all support to release all unwanted issues.

The New Dawn is non invasive, You do not have to undressed, you may not required to lay-down, just sit and let the energy do what it has to do.

The New Dawn is intergative with all other therapies and is not affilated with any Religious dogma or practice. It is not a belief faith or suggestion, rather it is a direct experience and connection between the Mental/ Emotional & the Physical and an imncrease in the vibrations of selected higher vibating energy centres.

* Be used as a daily meditave & self-healing practice.
* Calm and balance the psychic/emotional body at all levels.
* Release trapped emotions from within, at all levels.
* Balance the Chakra Energy System.
* Calm the Mind and reduce stress.
* Be sent across time and space.
* Reclaim unresolved scattered energy from past lives
* Clear spaces.
* support and protect you.

The retention of the applied vibrations Affirmations can be detected by placing of hands over a Crown and be aware of warmth/heat or just not being able to enter into the body.

If the direction of the living energy is giving out and not receiving then the person is retaining the applied energy.

* and do much more than we can ever be aware of.

Enjoy the New Dawn. 






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