We all harbour the negative

Something well worth reading

What to look forward too

v     What would you say if you were told that it was possible to increase the vibrations of all of your Spiritual Chakra Centres?


v     That the increased vibration will allow you to remove blockages from your 4th Dimensional Psychic/ Emotional Body?


v     That the increased vibrations would enhance your Spiritual Gifts to a higher level?


v     That peace, tranquility and calmness will be the product of the increased vibrations?


v     The simplicity and the depth of the action will allow you to see the real Secret.


It is a fact that calmness in the Psychic/ Emotional Body will lead to Healing in the Physical Body.

You do not have to be unwell to reap the benefits of the increase vibrations.

We all harbour negative and sometimes destructive elements within our Psychic/ Emotional Bodies and it maybe sometime well into the future before those elements rise to the surface in our Physical body.

 When all else seems to fail

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