Reiki; A Noun

Reiki; a common definition of Reiki is, but is it correct

Reiki/ noun

A non clinical technique based on the principle that a therapist can channel Universal Energy into a patient by means of touch, to activate a healing processes of the patient's body and to restore well-being. Reiki is both Spiritual and Natural.

Questions that arise from this definition.

1           Where does the therapist obtain the energy from.

2           How does a practitioner activate the healing processes within a patient,

3          No recognition as how Energy/ Frequency & Vibration activates healing practices.


Symbols and Words all hold vibrations. When they are used as a sentence an Attunement.and applied into the higher Chakras and the flow of energy is reversed from Receiving to Giving Out then those applied vibrations, it is claimed, are held by the practitioner for life.

To understand the Universe you have to be aware of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

Principles do not make any Technique or an Activity, by claiming that it is a Principle that allows a therapist to channel energy, that it is an Ego driven thought designed to confuse.

Any understanding about the system of Reiki has to have a direction beyond principles.

The definition should create the question “What is Reiki and Why is it so”.

Asking the question in that way allows for a broader definition as to how the system can be examined and understood and as to where its place is within in the conventional Health system as a Holistic or non clinical additive to conventional health.

A correct definition to the system of Reiki should be;

 Now define Reiki;  Noun.

A non clinical technique, a system based on the vibrations of Symbols and or Words constructed into sentences and applied as an Attunement through the Physical into the Psychic/Energy higher energy centres (Chakras) and is used as touch, non touch or in a distant capacity to improve the health and wellbeing of a client thus assisting the restoration of the well-being to all of the clients major organs, living energy centres and Cells.


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