Reiki what really is it

What is the real secret of Reiki.

The Frequency of Energy & Vibration.

The best results are obtained when the Frequency/ of Energy/ Vibration (words/Symbols) are created as Affirmations and placed by means of an Attunement into selected Chakras and retained.

It is not Spiritual, anybody who tells you that is conning you.

Reiki, what really is it

Reiki. Is it Spiritual or Physical?  

Nobody has done any real research into Reiki? Just look at all of the web pages and books that exist and don’t forget all that is said because somebody told them. But is it all correct and workable.

NO, why?, because they don’t really understand the separation. The physical and the Spiritual are separate but when the frequency of vibrations that are applied by use of Affirmations into selected Energy centers (Chakras), any Spiritual connections are enhanced. 

So what really is Reiki and its purpose

To remove any dis-ease from the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body so that the Physical can self heal. It is not spiritual; it works within the Physical/ Mental/ Emotional. All diseases start as a dis-ease before it appears in the Physical and that is where healing should start. 

So what really is the defination of Reiki?

It is the frequency of energy/ vibration.

It is created from language (words/ symbols) written as sentences (with rules) and applied as Affirmations into selected Chakras and retained.

The retention can be tested by placing hands over the Crown or over a proxy as with distant healing, of any person and if there is a feeling of Warmth/ Heat/ or just not being able to enter the Crown, the Affirmation is retained, however if there is a feeling of entering the Crown then there is no retention. 

Is there a need for qualified research into the system of Reiki and a better understanding of it and the identification of the seperation between the Physical and the Spititual?

With a better understanding of Reiki, a better health system may be allowed to develop, remember the health system does not accept that reiki is of any value. 

Those who retain the vibrations that are applied to raise their Chakras are Healers; at the same time those who retain this applied vibration have had their Spiritual abilities increased.

If the understanding of the Spiritual is separated for the Reiki then Reiki will stand on its own.The claim that Reiki is Spiritual does not allow for the system to stand on its own.

The separation is there but the majority refuse to accept and choose to ignore it but (1 Corinthians, Chapter 12, Paul’s Letters) explains how people are connected to the Spiritual and when and how they reject it. You can reject your connection to the Spiritual but having an Affirmation applied and retained, as it is with Reiki, you cannot reject that Affirmation. It is for life.  

Reiki; A Definition.

Reiki; a common definition of Reiki is, but is it correct

Reiki/ noun

A non clinical technique based on the principle that a therapist can channel Universal Energy into a patient by means of touch, to activate a healing processes of the patient's body and to restore well-being. Reiki is both Spiritual and Natural.

Questions that arise from this definition.

1           Where does the therapist obtain the energy from.

2           How does a practitioner activate the healing processes within a patient,

3          No recognition as how Energy/ Frequency & Vibration activates healing practices.

 Symbols and Words all hold vibrations. When they are used as a sentence (an Attunement) and applied into the seleched Chakras and the flow of energy is reversed from Receiving to Giving Out then those applied vibrations, it is claimed, are held by the practitioner for life.

To understand the Universe you have to be aware of (Energy, Frequency and Vibration).

Principles do not make any Technique or an Activity, by claiming that it is a Principle that allows a therapist to channel energy, that it is an Ego driven thought designed to confuse.

Any understanding about the system of Reiki has to have a direction beyond principles.

The definition should create the question “What is Reiki and Why is it so”.

Asking the question in that way allows for a broader definition as to how the system can be examined and understood and as to where its place is within in the conventional Health system as a Holistic or non clinical additive to conventional health.

A correct definition to the system of Reiki should be;

 Now define Reiki;  Noun.

Definition of Reiki and its purpose.

 ***The definition of the system of Reiki and its purpose.

 (The Frequency of Energy/ Vibration) 

When written with Language (Words and or Symbols) as a sentence is created (Energy/ Vibration ). The words in the sentence are written in lower case so as to work with the client. The 4 recognised Symbols (as displayed) Chokurei, daikomyo, seiheiki, honshazeshonen, sometimes refered to for ease as 1,4,2,3,

 ***The purpose of Reiki.

 Is to raise the Vibrations of selected energy centres (Chakras) and to start to remove from the Psyche/ Mental/ Emotional body the dis-ease.

 ***How to raise the vibrations.

 A sentence is written as words (Affirmations) and applied through the Physical into the selected Chakras of the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional body and retained.

There are 3 recognised Levels. Level 1, level 2 & Level 3. With each level the number of selected Chakras are increased.

 ***To test the connection.

 With hands placed over the Crown and just be aware.

You may be aware of a sense of Warmth or Heat or you may not be able to enter the Crown, It has been suggested that there may be a difference in the intensity of the awareness an d that may depend on the Level being retained.

However if you become aware of moving down into the body then the applied vibrations have not been retained.

The same results will appear at a Distant. 

What is the real purpose of Reiki?

To increase the vibrations of selected Chakras (Energy Centres).

To remove dis-ease from the Emotional/ Physical and to improve Health.

How are the vibrations of the Chakras increased?

By the use of Energy/ Frequency/ Vibration as words or symbols written as sentences and applied to selected Energy Centres (Chakras).

(Key words are Affirmations, Attunements, Progression (Levels).

How do we/you start.

Holds an object in one hand and with the other, over the object write your 1st name.

Hold the hands together for about 1 minute then still holding the object separate the hands.

May you feel anything, by that we mean is there Warmth/ Heat or just a feeling?


So what is the next step. 


You will have to have somebody do the exercise and they do NOT transfer their energy to you.

The vibrations are within the Affirmation that they construct.

We use the 4 recognised symbols of the system of Reiki and we describe them as numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4.

The selected Chakras are, Crown, lower Kings Crown left and right, Heart front and back, the Third Eye front and back, palms of both hands and blow into the Heart. The progression is performed 4 times and at Crown during the 4th time the energy of the Affirmation is retained.

The Affirmation is written as 1, 4, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2  and at the Crown during the 4th progression 1 is applied before the progression is completed.


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