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Do you know what is Reiki and how do you test for it?

You may say that you know what Reiki and have it why test for it.

The majority claim that it is Spiritual, it is not.

The majority do not know that you can test for the retention.

Their answer is ‘It is spiritual and you just know’

They are all wrong except that Reiki enhances your NeoSpiritual.

Your NeoSpiritual is separate from you Soul Spirituality.

If you think it is Spiritual read ‘1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 (Paul’s Letters).

That may explain what is Spiritual and where it comes from.

But you don’t have Reiki because it has to be created from Energy/ Frequency & Vibration and applied as an affirmation (Sentence) written with language (Words or Symbols) into selected Chakras (Energy Centres) and then retained.

The retention is tested by the placement of hands over the Crown either with the person or as a distant.

If there is a sense of Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown the affirmation used is retained however if there is a sense of moving down through the Crown the affirmation is not retained.


Simple but ignored.

Nothing to learn.

But you have to know the rules for the Affirmation.

An Attunement is finding the place to apply the Affirmation.

The retention requires an Affirmation into a selected place.


If the retention has been applied correctly then it remains within the physical for this life. 

I have for the last 20 years wondered what Reiki really is. Sometimes I think that I am getting close and then it just slips away.

I have no problem with people who are Mediums, Psychics or predict because all of that is from the higher dimensions above the 5th which some say is Spiritual.

I am aware that we should all become aware of the vibrations that exist around us including our 3rd & 4th dimensions, but for what purpose.

Awareness and understanding are some of the tasks that we have incarnated for and for some the road is short but for the majority it is a long road that never seems to end.

Nothing is more so than the System called Reiki.

The majority of what is taught are assumptions and when any attempt to debate the subject is made those with a contrary view are ignored. In reality there is nothing to teach.

Casting aside all of the assumptions, what is the system of Reiki and why is it so.

The answers are simple but may appear to be complicated.

Everything is Vibration. Nikola Tesla stated that to understand the Universe then think Energy, Frequency & Vibration and be aware.

So where do we start.

A good place to start is the Conscious Man, a 3rd dimensional solid or dense vibration.

The next awareness is our Mental/Emotional 4th dimensional body, we are not aware of this body as we are with the physical body but it exists. It is a finer vibration than the Physical and it is where we store all of our emotions, all the Anger, Fear & shame as well as all of our Love.

Then we go to the 5th dimension which some call our Soul Self, our soul self is in reality at another level, this level is again much finer in form but allows us to travel between our different dimensions. To allow us to go beyond means that we have left the dimensions of reality.

However we are all Souls travelling within our reality.

So from where do we start to form. Beyond the realms of our dimensions a choice is made to incarnate, to create our dimensional bodies.

Through our Soul Self we create our 7th,6th & 5th dimensional body forms, this starts the development of Matter. From there is created the 4th dimensional form and then to the 3rd or physical form.

Somewhere from within the physical form is starting to develop and the journey started.

What is the purpose of a Soul wanting to go through this journey?

The simple answer is Energy/ Frequency & Vibration to be added to the permanent personality.

Enlightenment is not achieved by one stroke of a pen. It takes many lifetimes, experiences and journeys before you can return home.

As I sit and work through my thoughts the mystery that I sometimes cannot seem to grasp becomes a little clearer.

We are all souls but it is only when we do go home do we cast aside all that is not for our best and highest good.



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