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So you think that you have Reiki!

You went to somebody, paid a lot of money and after 4 sessions you were given a Certificate that said you had it!

But do you really have it.

Can you explain it!

Then somebody comes to you and you try to explain it.

You were told that it is Spiritual and Natural.

And then somebody asks you your name and then tells you that you do not hold the vibrations.

Are they right or wrong, how do you know.



Maybe Reiki is not Spiritual or Natural, to be that you have to be Born with it.

If it is Spiritual, where is it.

Is it in you Soul Spiritual or Your NeoSpiritual, your self Spiritual.

You are born with 3 Bodies; Your NeoSpiritual/ the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional & the Physical.

Paul in his letters states (1 Corinthians 12) that we are all gives different Gifts to use or reject as we please. Is Reiki one of them or is it something else.


Maybe it is a creation of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration written as sentences or Symbols and applied through the Physical into the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Chakras and to retain those Vibrations, the Crown is sealed.

Maybe to test the retention somebody tries to enter the Crown and if they are able to go into the Body then the retention was not successful but if however there is a feeling of Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter then the retention was successful.


Argue all you like but the Truth may be Stranger than fiction.


Another thought; if you have Reiki in this incarnation does it carry over when you leave.

The possibility is that it is not necessary in the after life, they do not need it.


Leonard Thomas (Mr T)

The truth and Reality of Reiki.

The majority of claims that are made about Reiki are that it is Spiritual and Natural, it is not, the reality is that Reiki is created from Language and or Symbols.

So what really is the System of Reiki and how does it really work.

The 1st step is to be aware of vibration. The vibration of your name.

  • Your name is your 1st aid and starts to remove dis-ease from your Psychic/ Mental/ body.

There are 4 generally recognised Symbols associated with the Reiki system.

They can be written as words or drawn as symbols.

  1. chokurei, 2. seiheiki, 3. honshazeshonen, 4, daikomyo. When written as words in lower case they work with self however when used in UPPER case they work universally.

When applied as sentences into the Chakras of the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body it is through the Physical. There are 3 levels, some say 4 and call it a teaching level but that is not necessary as instruction to advance should be done through workshops.

The levels are Level 1 with 4 sessions increasing the vibrations of 5 Chakras.

Crown, Lower Kings Crown, Heart, Third eye & palms of the hands.

Level 1 should be performed 4 times which slowerly increases the awareness.

All 4 recognised Symbols are used for the sentence.

Level 2 introduces another Chakra to the Attunement, the Throat and is applied at least twice.

Crown, lower Kings Crown, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & the palms of the hands.

Workshops should be conducted after each level to introduce the practitioner to suggested ways to work with the energies. Level 1 is the basis of working with self and others with hands on whereas level 2 opens to distant healing and becoming familia with the symbols and to use them.

Words are also effective with the system.

Some try to introduce people to the Master Level but that should be done with care, maybe a gap of a couple of years should be considered.

The Attunement should not be placed into the Aura as that is ever changing, it is the Chakras and the increase of their vibrations are the most effective place to hold the applied vibrations.

Last but not least is the retention of the applied vibrations.

During the initial Attunement, Level 1, and at the last session efforts have to be made to retain the applied vibrations, when this done the retention can be tested.

Placing hands over the Crown a sense of awareness of Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown may be detected, the applied vibrations are held within, however if there appears to be movement into the Crown and down into the body, that applied vibrations are not held.

There is no specific Sentence to use in the Attunement but the test for the retention is relevant.

The test can be performed as a distant healing. Just ask for the name and place the hands over the Crown.

Most are not familiar with the Gifts that they are born with, (1 Corinthians 12, Paul’s letters) as they are given to the NeoSpiritual but not to the Soul Spiritual and they do not include Reiki as it is a creation after Birth.

This paper is s short statement about the reality of the system. You can contact Leonard Thomas (Mr T) on email  or

Phone 61 02 9586 2427.

Enjoy and advance. Reiki does not carry over to the other side, they don’t need it, we do.


People wonder what Reiki is;

It is not Spiritual or Natural;

It is created from Language or Symbols;

When written as sentences;

It is applied to Selected Chakras;

When sealed it is retained for the life;

What can be achieved by its use?

It removes dis-ease from the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body;

It creates a sense of Calm;

It removes Fear, Anger, Shame etc all that is not helpful for your Life Journey;

The connection can be tested;

With hands over the Crown;

If there is a feeling of Warmth/ Heat or just not able to enter;

The vibrations of any language or symbols created and applied are retained;

However if there is a feeling of moving into and down the Crown;

Any sentence applied is NOT held;

Some people Harmonize with Symbols;

That works during a treatment and the effect remains with the client;

However the partitioner does NOT retain those vibrations.

Illness, Feelings and effects within the Physical body may be cleared;

People give themselves Titles, is that ego;

Titles do not heal, Titles create problems;

A practitioner familia with the workings of Reiki does not have to be present;

They can work at a Distance but a face to face meeting can be more productive;


Enjoy life with no blockages.



What really is the system of Reiki


Spiritual, Natural, Hypothetical, Assumptions, Universal Life Force Energy, that is how the current system of Reiki is described.


But is Reiki something else, the manipulation of energy.


The structure of Energy, Frequency & Vibration is a creation of Language and Symbols written as sentences and applied to selected Chakras depending on the level, raising their vibrations.


To claim that it is Spiritual and Natural denies that reiki may be created.


When we are born we ignore the invisible and are only aware of the physical. But what about the invisible, our NeoSpiritual and the Psychic/ Mental & Emotional and that we are all Souls travelling within this body. What about the Gifts given to our NeoSpiritual (1 Corinthians 12, Paul’s letters) and not to us as our Souls Spirituality.


There are many who are aware of their NeoSpiritual Gifts and practice with them just as there are many who deny that they do not exist.


The majority of those who claim to be practitioners of Reiki hold the belief that the system is Spiritual but then claim that an Attunement is necessary, that takes them into the belief that they are creating from Energy/ Frequency & Vibration as they write a sentence and apply it somewhere. Can they have it both ways.


My comment is “Prove It”


To prove it is very simple; Place a hand over the Crown and be aware?


If there is an awareness of ‘Heat, Warmth or just not being able  to enter the Crown’ the energies that were applied with the Attunement are held for life, however if there is movement down through the Crown, the applied energies are not held. Mind you just because you hold the energies is only the first step.





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