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The World is full of Experts

The World is full of experts; non more so than with the System called Reiki.

If you haven’t heard about reiki then it is claimed to be a healing system designed in Japan in the early 20th Century.

A Japanese Budhurts Monk had a vision and found that he was able to help people with their problems. Now that is nothing new as during the time of recorded history that type of revelation has been common.

Within the later part of the 20th Century there have been numerous systems developed all targeting the healing of an individual such as EFT, Kinesiology, Numerology but to name a few but unfortunately the most targeted is the System of Reiki.

So what is this system that many practitioner place so much faith in.

It is claimed to be Universal Life Force Energy, but is it.

It is claimed to be Spiritual, but again is it, it is also claimed to be natural, again is it.

When you question somebody about it the most that you will get is assumptions and a hypothetical response based on assumptions rather that fact or reality.

Nikola Tesla made the statement that to understand the Universe you have to be aware of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration but he didn’t say was that you had to combine those elements into the different levels of the body, when combined those elementals have the ability to remove the disease and allow the body to self heal.

So what is Reiki and how is it created and then work.

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