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Standards and Rules

I have rules and standards that I apply to anything that I do and that includes the System of Reiki.

My 1st rule is to be open and honest when describing anything that I do. I expect that everybody has the same approach. If I approach somebody and I describe what it is that I do, I expect them to be open and honest as to what they do.

My 2nd rule is that I do not to claim to be able to do something that I am not able to do at this time.

My 3rd and most important rule is to, within the system of Reiki to be able to understand the connections of another person. You tell me that you have and then expect that I can identify whether you have or not.


A long time ago standards should have bee set within the System of Reiki. Unfortunately we didn’t.

So now I move to my standards.

Standard 1. To be aware.

To that standard I introduce people to being aware.

Aware of what you may ask. To be aware of Self, of the power of your born name, the Energy/ Frequency & Vibration, and a something that you in your consciences may feel within different parts of self.

Standard 2.  To realise who we really are and why we are here.

We are all Souls travelling within this physical environment, not as a body having a Spiritual Journey. When we accept that we become more open to the journey.

Standard 3. We select the time we arrive and the time we leave.

That sounds simple but there are complications. Some may find that the denseness of the Physical becomes to hard to endure and decide to leave early. That creates a major problem within the Rules. The consequences of that decision is enormous. The ability to be able to rectify the problem is hindered by the lack of awareness by many who claim to be able to help. That brings me back to rules.

Standard 4. What are we as we incarnate. 

It is a very complicated question.

Simply put, We have 3 Bodies. We have 7 dimensions and 7 Doubles but during our conscious journey we should only travel forward through the 3 Bodies and be aware of the dimensions.


I will express more of my opinions in future Blogs but when you tell me that you have Reiki I will conduct a test, either personally or by distant. I will expect to either be aware of Heat and not being able to enter the Crown if your claim is true or, as with the majority, enter the Crown.

What does that tell me, with the entry to the Crown it is that the 3rd/ 4th bodies are not connected however if Heat exists then the bodies are connected and the energy/ frequency & vibration flows through all 3 bodies.


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