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People talk about Angels but who are they

There are an infinite number of Archangels of each Order.

Let us now look at the way each Archangel serves us.

Shamael, as the angel of earth and minerals provides us, in everlasting cooperation with the Archangels, the material for our bones, our muscles and the organs of the body.

Michael, gives us the bodily warmth, and the warm red blood. Colour is red in all its shades.

Gabriel, gives us the body’s various fluids. Colour is brilliantly azure, in different shades down to dark blue.

Raphael, gives us our etheric vitality and plays an invaluable role in the maintenance of good health in each of us. Colour has shades of violet.

Uriel, the great harmonizer of substance is in the silvery-white light.

When we see a human being "die" - we should prefer to say "pass over".

What is the characteristic of the corpse?  Earth, everything becomes a gas and returns to earth.

What is not dissolved and takes its departure is our present personality so that our permenent personality can exract the lessons that are needed.

Raphael is the first Archangel to depart for it is he who cuts the silver cord, in his capacity as the controller of etheric vitality.

Then the departing temporary personality sets flight, accompanied by Archangel Michael, who in leaving takes his warmth with him, which explains why a dead body rapidly cools.

Together with Michael, Gabriel also departs and abandons the water element, so that he ceases to coordinate the working of the body’s various liquids.

The coordinating Archangel Uriel also leaves.

The only one who does not follow them is Shamael, the angel of earth, who, as such, remains with the earth.


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