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The system of Reki is it a con.

Busting the bubble on the system of Reiki.

The more time that I spend in researching the system the more I am amazed as to how big a com is passed onto people.

Of the many millions of people who claim to have the system the bigger the confidence trick becomes.

I am not a sceptic about Reiki, I really believe that that the system has enormous potential but not in the way that many have been told.

The system is simple but complicated as is our human body and the journey we undertake in reincarnation.

The real secret about Reiki is how to use Energy/ Frequency and Vibration.

The system is not Spiritual or is it Natural, it is created, created from Energy/ Frequency and Vibration of language and applied through the Physical into the Mental/ Emotional. Not as some say Intention but an application.

Sounds complicated but it really is simple and the results can be tested.

I have been working with the system of the last 20 years. I don’t like the descriptions of ‘Master’ or ‘Teacher’, both titles imply vast knowledge and I have yet to find anybody who can perform to either Title.

To understand how the system works you have to be familia with ‘we as a human’ and the journey the we undertook to arrive at this place (self) and why we ‘did’ it.

We have 3 Bodies and many levels of those bodies.

We exist in different Dimensions and Levels.

Some are Born with different Gifts and at different levels of those Gifts.

We travel externally from or Physical.

And the more times that we incarnate the closer we come to Evolvement.

So how do we see out time in this physical.

From my point of view it is simple but complicated.

Can the mistakes of others be corrected in a simple statement Yes.

So be more open to what exists not closed mind as to what you have been told, be observant to what is really there and most of all be aware of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration. 

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