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The biggest problem with the system of Reiki is in its current form it is a Con.

A Com that has tricked over 4m people into thinking that it has Spiritual value and is Natural. It is not.

The system of Reiki is a something that is created from Energy/ Frequency & Vibrations and when those elements are created by the use of language either from words or symbols and as a sentence it is applied through the Physical 3rd dimension into the Mental/ Emotional 4th dimension and it has a trickle down effect into the 5th dimension.

There are 3 levels that in the current way of expressing its value seems to be objective but there is a higher grouping that is created when the flow of Energy is reversed from Receiving to Giving out. This change of direction is detected as Heat/ Warmth or just not being able to enter the Crown.

Don’t mix your Spiritual Gifts with what somebody may have told you, generally you do not have Reiki, if somebody works over your Crown and the Energy appears to flow down then you do not hold those vital Energies that were used in an Attunement.

The next question is why do you need an Attunement if you hold Spiritual Gifts.

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