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The System of Reiki; as it is currently taught, is it re...

Greetings to all.

Most have heard about Reiki and the claims that it connects to Universal Life Force Energy; That is not what the system is all about; The system connects the 3rd dimensional Physical Body to the 4th dimensional Mental with a trickle down to the 5th dimensional.

It is not Spiritual or Natural, it is created and its connections are for the existing life cycle.

Those connections can be proved by the detection at the Crown by Heat or Warmth.

So if it is created, where does it come from.

By the use of Language, by the vibrations of either words or symbols written as a sentence and applied to the Higher vibrational energy centres (Chakras) of which there are 8.

The current methods being practiced with what is called Reiki is wrong as it mixes with the born gifts, that mix gives the impressions of outside help.

There are methods that have been developed that are classified as healing and they do work but they are not Reiki.

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