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Being Aware is a 1st step

Being Aware;

Being aware of self is the first step in working towards better health but that awareness has to work with your 4th dimensional self, your mental/ Emotional body to remove the blockages that cause the dis-eases that later become active in you 3rd dimensional Physical.

Some do not believe in reincarnation but, your 1st name is a First Aid Kit that allows you to start to remove those dis-eases within your 4th dimension. It does not remove all but it is a good place to start.

Hold your hands together and write you first born name and just let yourself feel the energy. The are two ways to write the name. As a signature or lower case or in Caps. At the start it is best to write as a signature, later you may switch to uppercase.

What may you be looking for. Warmth/ Heat/ Vibration in different parts of your body, a sense of relaxation and maybe of being calm.

So you are being aware, aware that some of the dis-ease is being removed.

How long should you perform this practice, as long as you like, as many times as you like. You can do it and hold a handkerchief in one hand and the Awareness of the Energy will still be within self.

This is the 1st step towards self healing.

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