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How do you Test for the Connection

Is there more to Reiki than you are told. YES.

Don’t confuse the Reiki system with the Gifts that you were born with.

You may be aware of those Gifts from early in life or they may appear much later, some reject them all the time, but they are Spiritual and reside within the 5th dimension.

However the System that is called Reiki is a Creation, a something that is created by the use of the Energy/ Frequency & Vibration of Language or Symbols which when written as sentences are applied through the Physical 3rd dimensional into the Mental/ Emotional body the 4th dimension.

The system of Reiki exists within Levels and Grades.

The current method of teaching works with 3 levels but nobody is aware that that Teaching is of a lower grade, there is no combining between the 3rd & 4th dimensions, there is no warmth or Heat at the Crown which is the test that indicates that the two dimensions are connected.

We have to remember that the system is really designed to work with our living energy.

There are no short cuts to combining the two dimensions. It is a process that is applied during an Attunement and the test, the looking for the Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown suggests the connection to the higher grade.  

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