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We have all been conned

Can you prove that Reiki is real and not a confusion with Spiritual Gifts.

Why is it that some people are Psychic, that others with no formal training are able to see problems within the Physical Body of another and maybe able to heal. The list can go on.

Is it because they were born with those and other Gifts.

Then we come to the System of Reiki and the claims that it connects to ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ I really don’t want to burst your ‘Balloon’ but it is not.

The System of Reiki is a creation of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration that when written as sentences and applied through the Physical 3rd dimension into the Mental/ Emotional 4th dimension (Chakras) raises the Vibrations of those selected Chakras and when sealed connects the 3rd & 4th dimensions.

When this has been done there is Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter through the Crown.

No confusion with Spiritual Gifts or any connection with Universal life Force Energy.

So where do we go from here.

Why do we fear that any of the Gifts may cause us problems;

What was the inquisition all about!

We generally are aware of what happened with the Witches of Salem!

Indigenous Witch Doctors, what is the real story!

They all had Spiritual gifts and others who denied their own Gifts implanted Fear within all.

That is the problem with the System of Reiki, implanted Fear as to it’s real purpose.

So don’t confuse your Spiritual Gifts with a Created System of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration because of the fear that you have to comply.

The current teaching of the System of Reiki is a confidence trick as there really is no standard.

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