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What is Reikis real purpose

What is the Real Purpose of the System of Reiki!

Remember it is invisible!, it is Energy/ Frequency & Vibration.

It is being aware and how to use that awareness for our better health.

As an applied Energy Therapy it allows for the removal of all of those acuminating frustration; not in the least, the Stress, and allows for the establishment of a sense of Calm and to remove all elements of dis-eases that it creates within the mental/ Emotional and into the physical,

These diseases that lead us to ill health and increases the need for a medical intervention.

The system is Holistic and can be applied to our living systems as either as an injection into our living system ( Chakras) by an ( Attunement) which increase our holistic vibrations of our living systems or as vibrations to reduce the need for medical intervention.

Just working as an injection by the use of the way that symbols are written has the advantage in assisting our progress.

Really, what is claimed by the majority of Holistic Healers has no real value within self.

We need to take other steps for our increased health benefits.

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