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What is invisible is Real

How many things are invisible but you know they are there.

Heat; Cold; Wind; and strange as it may seem the invisible vibrations of your first name, just to name a couple.

All that is invisible is made from Energy/ Frequency & Vibration the corner stone of the 3rd & 4th dimensions, the Physical & the Mental/ Emotional bodies. We can see the Physical but we cannot see the Mental/ Emotional but we know that it is there.

We can feel all of that is Emotional, all of the Anger/ Fear/ Shame/Jealously/ Envy etc but we don’t know how to remove their effects. The effects of these Emotions are displayed within the Physical as a disease and we approach the Medical profession seeking help.

Believe it or not the medical profession as we know it is not old, it was around for about 100 years and came into prominence during the mid 19th Century and the 2nd WW.

Energy Therapy, that is the ability to be able to work with the invisible within the 4th dimension is as old as we that are human. It was in many forms and practice by Indigenous People all over the World. There have been numerous efforts over the ages to hinder the practices by many ill informed zealots and organisations but the greatest results to hinder the practices were when Religious Missionaries entered places where Indigenous Tribes were in numbers.

Early in the 19th Century, in Japan, a Buddhist Monk claimed to have had a vision about healing, over the Centuries many simular claims have been made about visions and information given but This Monk’s claims led to the establishment of a practice the has spread world wide. However claims made by people that it is Spiritual and Natural are in dispute by others and like many claims very little research has been conducted to support the many claims. That has led to the medical profession to claim that the system has no validity.

The founder “Mikao Usui” never claimed that the system was Reiki, nobody really knows of the origin of the word or the claims that it is “Universal Life Force Energy”. There are to many to count who claim to have the connection as there are many claims as to what it is, just remember that it is really internal within the 4th dimension and the real result is that a sense of Calm exists throughout self and very few carry that sense.



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