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My journey into a New begining

To those who know me know that I don’t put up with shit;

For those who don’t know me that same applies; I don’t put up with shit;

When I decide to go in a direction that pleases me I put as much effort into that direction as needed and I try to be truthful regardless as to what others think until that is until I am sure we are all going on the right path.

Most of my working life I was involved in the Motor Repair Industry and even now I wonder how things seemed to go my way.

When I retired from that type of work my pathway opened into Energy Therapy and again I put effort into understanding what was happening.

The pathway had many twist and turns and after 20 years I am still learning. I used to think that it was only in the Motor Industry that ‘skinheads’ existed but when I started into the Energy Therapy Realm the Motor Industry had nothing on the ‘skinheads’ that exist there.

I do not argue with anybody who make claims about being psychic or being mediums or spiritually connected that ability comes from birth even though it may not show up until later life, those who I have my personal problems with are those who claim to have connections to therapies that do exist but the connections to the vast majority are not there.

One particular Therapy is the System called Reiki and that the word is Universal Life Force Energy, wrong, the word is a switchword and when written it creates a flow of energy into the Mental/ Emotional to remove the dis-ease and that action allows for the Physical to self-heal.

What the skinheads don’t realise is that the connection Attunement correctly applied can be confirmed by the awareness of either Heat/ Warmth over the crown.

Further information about the System is available on my website  along with a lot more information.

So that is the direction that I am working and I enjoy the vibrations that exist within my living Energies.     

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