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All curent teachings about Reiki are a Con

If you ask me what is my opinion about the System of Reiki.

My answer is. What is reiki! In the first place it is not ‘Universal Life Force Energy’.

Those who claim that it is are creating a con as is not external. It is internal and works with the Physical/ Mental/ Emotional 3rd & 4th dimensional to remove dis-ease and blockages.

How that happens is one of the hidden secrets around the reality of the system.

When correctly introduced into your living energy systems you will have that higher vibrational energy for this incarnation (life) better physical and mental health is the result.

Don’t be confused; The system of reiki is in its reality simple and when applied into your 4th dimensional Energy Centres (Chakras) advancement will be made.

There are many myths and legends about what is the system of reiki, none more so than with the way that claims are made about the System. Unfortunately the majority of practitioners have no idea as to what the system really is and continue to perpetuate the falsehoods created by the many Myths and Legends.

It’s time to get up to date with reality!

The majority who claim to practice with the system will say that Reiki is external and is Universal Life Force Energy but are unable to prove that it exists as a practice.

Current published statements that are made about ‘what it is’ are full of myths and legends which create false opinions. However there are a minority who will claim that the system is internal and consists of elements of  Energy/ Frequency & Vibrations which is created from the vibrations of language & symbols and when written as sentences they are applied to our energy centres (Chakras) through the Physical into Mental/ Emotional Energy centres and that action raises their vibrations.

The Myths and Legends that are taught within the System create major problems, for they attempt to teach offers no tangible proof that can really demonstrate the system. Any singular understanding about the system should include observations and practical applications to support any statements.

There are statements that are made within the bible,(not as proof that God exists) but in reference to all Spiritual Gifts. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians “1 Corinthians 12” make clear reference to how a person allows for the introduction of Spiritual awareness during an incarnation.

So is the system of Reiki a Myth or a Legend, as currently taught, YES. But if you step outside of the current teachings then the system has great reality. The system evolves through Energy/ Frequency & Vibrations that have many sources and uses as they  appear in many forms but the reality of those different forms appears generally within your awareness.

Take for an example your first name. Just write it from one hand to the other, as you hold them together, what may you be aware of, maybe a vibration, or a feeling, an awareness of a something.

how did you write it, as a signature (lower case) or in CAPS, either way there may be a different awareness, actually one way works within self and the other externally. No Myths or Legends just awareness and fact.

There is much more about the workings of the reality of the System of Reiki. Its greatest advantage is that it works within the Physical/ Mental/ Emotional bodies and when during the Attunement the  reality of the 3rd & 4th dimensions are combined (which can be detected at the crown). It is the Physical & Mental/ Emotional that gain the greatest advantage from the system.

Yes I agree with the System of Reiki but not in the way that the majority attempt to express it.

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