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I have been researching the System of Reiki for about 20 years and the closer that I feel that I am getting to resolve a defined answer the further away it becomes.

It is not as some say; ‘Just let it happen’, because that is not what this is all about because if you do that you are open to the negative thoughts and actions of many..

What it is about is to how we as a species survive and advance.

What I have found is that the system of Reiki, (the name only really appeared in the 1950’s) as those who were promoting it had to come up with a name that had a Spiritual influence so Rei–Ki was developed attempted to create a system that was external.

Mikao Usui never called his system Reiki, he only referred to it “As his own” and yes his approach was external.

When Chujiro Hayashi developed the system of Symbols he never referred to them as ‘THE Reiki Symbols’ but only as tools to maintain a consistent energy flow.

The question is “Why”, what is the value of the Symbols.

There are 4 recognised Symbols associated with the System and again “Why”

Is the System “External” if so why, then again is it “Internal” and if so “How”.

Many people have developed system that have in one way or another have become maintains for better health and all in their way do work, EFT, Kinesiology and the Ancient Art of Dowsing, (Rods & Pendulums), just to name a few but neither have been so diverse as the system of Reiki.

Nikola Tesla made the statement that “To understand the Universe be aware of ‘Energy, Frequency & Vibration”.

When a researcher and genius named James T. Mangan (1896-1970) discovered that using only a single word or "Switchword" in place of a sentence called a ‘mantra’ to create with, it is much easier and more effective, and gives your creative energy a step forward.

So let’s step back to the system of Reiki.

What is the Real purpose of the System of Reiki; most will say ‘To Heal’, but what!

Let’s step back a bit to the time that you as a Soul decided to incarnate into a physical body.

Sometime during a pregnancy you joined the body and stayed with it through the Birth until the Death. Then you left. Was that all; really there was much more.

There are two separate elementals, The Spiritual and the Physical but, the Physical is part of the Mental/ Emotional. If you refer to the Statements made by Nicola Tesla then Energy/ Frequency & Vibration has a lot to do with the survival of the Physical/ Mental/ Emotional outside of the Spiritual. The Spiritual is there and anything else has to be created during an incarnation but only within the 3rd & 4th dimensions. If you read extracts from the Bible with that direction in mind then something’s may become clearer.

The way that I was shown and how I instruct in respect to an Attunement may make no sense but, it designed to increase the vibration of the 4th dimension and to connect with the Physical remember it is only the Spiritual that leaves at Death the rest disappears into dust.

Conclusion; If when a hand is placed over a persons Crown and there is no Warmth/ Heat and you can enter then the ideas of what was to happen does not happen. However if any of the afore mentioned does appear then the Physical/Mental/ Emotional are connected and dis-ease is able to be removed;

That is what the System of Reiki among other things is about; 

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