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Reiki; Really

BULLSHIT, is the easiest way to describe the current way that many claim about the system of Reiki, oh no I have Reiki will be the comments.

I look at it this way  “Have You!, so what is it”. Generally the answer is ‘Universal Life Force energy’, ask them, so if it is real, what is it. They will not be able to give a definite answer but will continue with the claim..

To have any understanding of the simplicity but complicated existence that we incarnated into we have to go back beyond when we became Physical, back to our Soul self and before we decided to incarnate.

We are all Souls.

Then we decided to incarnate, we became; We have a noetical body (also called the spiritual body by Paul) not to be confused with our Soul Spiritual self) to express ourselves as thoughts and logic, reason within the incarnation.  

Mind vibrating but this time at still higher vibrations creating our noetical (Spiritual) body which will have a similar human form as the psychical and material bodies. We live in the noetical (Spiritual) planes in our noetical body. The noetical plane is of five dimensions.

Mind is external and vibrate at 2 levels. When expressed in the lower case it is internal however when expressed in the Upper case it is external.

It is the mind world. There is more light, much more light. A fellow passing from the psychical to the noetical (self spiritual plane) will see it as more light. The noetical body is bright and brilliant but not of the Soul self which is indestructible.

Then we also have a psychical mental/ emotional body (to express ourselves emotionally)

We live in the psychical plane in our psychical body.  The psychical body is not like the material body. Life there is much easier. It is your thought in the psychical plane that makes forms and conditions.

The psychical plane is of four dimensions. It is difficult to explain more about the psychical plane. Yet, the psychical plane is a place one can live and enjoy more easily, and feel happy – if he wants to. That is if he is not under the burden of his own strong emotions, weaknesses, hatreds and belief patterns.  

Unless you become the masters of your psychical body (your emotions) you cannot use it in the exosomatosis (Out of body) after you go to sleep. That's the body you use in what we call the psychical plane and, unless you know what it is and how to use it, you'll never become self-conscious in it.

Then comes;

"Let us create man to our image and according to our likeness."

You may read it in the Bible, God said "Let us create man …" - to whom was this said? , it was said (expressed) to the Archangelic orders.  They are the Lords of the Elements. It is through the elements the new entity as a human being was created (by the Lords of the Elements).

We have three bodies.

Paul revealed that in his letters. ‘1 Corinthians 12’ and wrote about Gift’s’.

Many other great ones spoke about these three bodies. The gross material body, the Physical, then the so-called psychical ‘Mental/ Emotional body’, and the noetical the noetic ‘Spiritual body’.

They all speak about these three bodies. Confucius did in "The Law", Buddha did also.  

You can find it in all the mystical systems.

As a Soul during an incarnation we are dressed with these bodies.

So, these Holy Archangels of the Elements start creating the atoms with which they will build our bodies, dressing the Idea of Man with Total Wisdom. First, they create the noetical ‘Spiritual’ body. Not to be confused with the Soul (Spiritual)

Then, in it, they create the so-called psychical body. The Body where all of our emotions reside and then in the psychical bodies, they create the physical atoms, building the material body. 

A human being is using complete independent bodies (the material body, psychical body and the noetical body spiritual) to express himself.

 So, all those bodies are connected and – one body is influencing the other. Now, everyone at this moment, in what you call the common everyday self-consciousness, are living at the same time in three bodies – in a material body, in a psychical body, and in a noetical spiritual body.

Yet, how active are they? And who are you living in these bodies now?  

So, it's our duty to do what?

‘To try to make a proper psychical body and unfold our self-consciousness in it’

But first of all, we have to unfold our self-consciousness on the material plane in the material body and to form our noetical (spiritual) body, control our thoughts and to become masters of our thoughts.

Now, by unfolding more of our Soul self-consciousness, manifesting our divine power, unfolding our Self-Super consciousness in at-one-ment within our divine self – what do we find?

That we are all gods, sons of the Almighty.

But that is only the start of the journey within this incarnation.

A person has to understand what are the Gifts that he holds, these are mentioned in,  1Corinthians 12, Paul’s letters, it is then that he may wish to move into another level. This level lifts the vibrations of his Energy centres and connects the Psychic/ Emotional to the Physical however, this connection only survives the incarnation as when the all is handed over there is no further need for it.

So what is the next level for the Seeker;

The next level has been describe as the understanding of all that is and to reach that level a seeker has to be aware of Energy, Frequency & Vibration and how it is written in sentences, in language or in symbols. Then how to be able to apply them and where.

The seeker has to be aware of Energy Centres (Called Chakras) within the Psychical/ Emotional body and how they connect to all organs within the Material Body. These are displayed in the Nadis, a chart in Sanskrit.

If a seeker has started on this journey then his progress can be measured. By contact, some people have the gifts to see/ feel the progress, to others it is the feeling but for all it is the awareness of Heat/ Warmth or just sitting on the Crown, that indicates that the Psychic/ Emotional body is connected to the Physical and the retention of any applied Energy, Frequency & Vibration. It is internal and permanent and a seeker does not have create any further connection.

Where does this work. If the sentence is written in language then the rules are ‘No spaces, punctuation or gaps’ as if there are spaces or gaps then it is the last word that applies however if the sentence is written using Symbols then those symbols are generally those that are recognised within the current teaching of the system.

A Seeker has to be aware, to be aware of the Energy/ Frequency & Vibrations that exist. The first awareness is about your first born name. How does this happen!

Simply by holding your hands together, bring them apart slightly and in lower case air-write your first name then bring the hands together; Why you ask; it is your First Aid Kit that is capable of removing blockages from you psychic/ emotional body, but if you open your hands you will have to do it again, to add to the use hold a tissue or hankie in one hand while you connect and the feeling is retained. If written in the Upper case then your connection is external.

Other ways of being aware is to write a sentence, these are called Affirmations but when written there must be no gaps or punctuation, (iwanthealing), another way is to draw any of the recognised symbols and hold them. There are 4 recognised symbols attached to the System and are generally used as Energy/ Frequency & Vibration to increase the vibrations of the Higher level Chakras.

As a Seeker progresses forward with their Awareness and understanding they will read many different versions as to what the System of Reiki is. One is to air draw symbols to clear a space. A Seeker who has been Attuned to the system and is aware of the reactions around their Crown does not have to evoke symbols to clear space, harmonizing is not necessary as they already hold the necessary vibrations.

A Seeker will very quickly become aware of the simplicity that surrounds the system and that just the placing of hands onto an object, be it a table or a person, will generate an Energy flow. Is that energy flow ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ No. Do you need to Harmonize with symbols, again No.

Do you hold the applied vibration within self Yes.

Then you are a Seeker.



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