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The 3 aspects of a human.

Uncle was a very deeply spiritual man & you should never forget what he said.

The human has 3 aspects or bodies that they call self.

The ME, the MYSELF & The I. He then said to go away & think about what it means. It took years to figure out what that meant.

The Me; is the ego self, the physical, the conscious, the needs & the wants, desires & the demands etc.

The Myself; is the subconscious, the conditioning, belief patterns, the dream state, all of the anger etc, and the computer system of the mind.

When the Me & Myself are combined a sense of calm may prevail.

The I; is our created self soul, our essence that is housed in the body, energy/ frequency & vibration, the God force or whatever you want to call it.

We incarnate from an external Soul Self

Some food for thought!

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