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How to work with our 3 Bodies

Uncle was a very deeply spiritual man & you should never forget what he said.

The human has 3 aspects or bodies that are called.


He then said to go away & think about what it means. It took years to figure out what that meant.

The ME; is the ego self, the physical, the conscious, the needs & the wants, desires & the demands etc. It is the Physical.

The MYSELF; is the subconscious, the conditioning, belief patterns, the dream state, all of the anger etc, and the computer system of the mind. It is the Psychic/Emotional.

When the ME/me & MYSELF/myself are combined by an Attunement the sense of calm may prevail.

The IAM; is our created, our essence that is housed in the body, energy/ frequency & vibration, the God force, spirituality or whatever you want to call it, but it is not our Soul/ Spiritual/ Self.

We incarnate from our external Soul Spiritual Self.

The first step is to work with the IAM, this body is the first created at the moment of Incarnation and is called the Spirit Self but not to be related to the Soul Self.

The second step is to work with MYSELF, this body is the second created at the incarnation and contains the Psychic/ Emotional including every emotion. Belief patterns are another problems.

The next step is to work with the ME, this body is what we as a Soul travelling in on this incarnation.

How do we work with this information?

The mediation is a simple process of connecting through a proxy (Teddy Bear)(The name of the Client) which makes it easier to work with each individual body whereas mediation as practiced currently does no separate the bodies where separation allows for individual body healing.  

Leonard Thomas

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