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Are Claims made about REIKI real?

There are many secrets around the world none more so with the healing system called REIKI; Many claims are made which really go beyond belief.

The major claims made are that it is Spiritual, that it is Natural and that you connect to universal life force energy. About an Attunement well that comes later.

But are they really secrets or just misinformation driven by a persons ego.

Reiki was not a word used by the accredited originator Mikao Usui, he called it ‘His own’ it was not really until the system was being taught by a Japanese American ‘Hayawo Takata’ that the word REIKI became dominate when reference was made.

So is the System Spiritual; If it is then there need no need to go further, there is no need to learn anything it will just work.

Is it natural; If it is then again there is no need to go further.

When conducting research into the system a good place to start is within a copy of the Bible and look up ‘1 Corinthians 12’, where reference is made about letters to the Corinthians by Paul. In those letters are explanations about Systems of Spiritual Gifts and how they are accomplished or received but that is ignored by those who claim to be Teachers.

So is the System Natural. If it is natural then we all have the System. Many Religions claim that we have to be obedient to God to receive benefits so in their opinion it is not natural.

The next statement made is that when the system is applied we are connected to ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. Does anybody give any explanation as to what that is?

Nikola Tesla stated that to understand the Universe you have to be aware of Energy, Frequency & Vibration.  Dr Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos, for teacher) a Greek Psychic on his website ‘’ states that when we are born we have 3 bodies, a Spiritual, not to be confused with our Soul Spirituality, a Psychic/ Emotional and a Physical, these bodies are for us as a Soul to travel in and through our Tempory Personality accumulate knowledge some of which we will pass into our Permanent Personality when we leave the lifetime.

So is there confusion between the incarnation and the ability to understand how Energy/ Frequency & Vibration is misunderstood within the System of Reiki.

Do your own research about the 3 statements. Is Reiki Spiritual. Is Reiki Natural and do we connect to ‘Universal Fife Force Energy’.

Leonard Thomas.       

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