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So somebody said that you have Reiki, Really

So you think that you have Reiki, all because somebody told you; Really!

Leonard Thomas better know as ‘MR T’ has for the last 20 years been occupied with Reiki, from the start he admits that he had no understanding as to what it really was, the instruction was a mixture between Spirituality and what Reiki was ‘supposed’ to be about.

In this article he suggests where people should start to understand what the System of Reiki is really and how it works towards the healing of the individual.

The best starting point is to become aware of what is in the Bible; ‘1 Corinthians 12’, Paul’s letters to the Corinthians. That section contains clear statements as to what Spiritual Gifts are and where they come from but not from a Religious perspective.

Another place to look is The originator of that site was a Spiritual Healer and Psychic, Dr Stylianos Atteshlis, better known as ‘Daskalos’, Greek for teacher.

Those explanations about Spiritual Connections make it very clear that there is a great difference between the Spiritual and any created system. Leonard  said that with that he was in agreement.

The System of Reiki is simple but is made by many to appear complicated, more so by those who think that they have to hide elements of the System. There is no need to hide anything because as a system Reiki is created from Energy, Frequency & Vibration.

Nikola Tesla stated that to understand the Universe that is what you have to be, aware of.

There are a couple of questions you should ask. * Do you believe in Reincarnation? * Do you believe that we are all Souls travelling within our Physical Body and have done so through many lives?

Believe it or not, there have been many mystics who have told us that we have been here many times in the past.

So is there any difference between the Spiritual and Reiki?

Yes, a Simple comment is that we are born with Spiritual Gifts and the System of Reiki is created.

When we are created in the Female, a spark of light starts the process of the creation of our 3 Bodies, it is at this point that our Soul, our Spiritual Self is separate from this developing Body so when we talk about our Spirituality the reference is to the 1st of our 3 Bodies, the 2nd Body is our Psychic/ Emotional body and the 3rd is the Physical form.

Our journey is determined by the choices we made within our Soul and what vibrations we want to be aware of. Within our 1st body (Spiritual) we are given the acceptance of Gifts, (see 1 Corinthians 12) and which we then make the choice to use or not and somewhere in this growing body a Traveller ‘Our Soul Self’ is accepted,. The Physic/ Emotional 2rd  Body grows. Then a moment is reached when the 3rd Body the Physical, wants to leave the Female and as we are inclined to say, we are born. We are not born with all of the knowledge of our ‘the Soul self’ as for our own protection we forget, we forget everything that we as a Soul is aware of from our many past lives and what we have taken on into out Permanent Personality, however some do remember something’s.

So what is our first conscious contact with ‘Energy, Frequency & Vibration?

It is our Name.

Do you believe that your parents gave you your name? No, you as a Soul created your name as a vibration and that is what your parents felt or as some would say ‘to be aware of’.

How does it work, ‘simply hold the hands together, bring them apart slightly and write you 1st name and put the hands together’ , at first you may not be aware of anything, sometimes it takes a while to feel something. Generally speaking we have lost the awareness of feeling.

There are 2 ways of writing so as to be aware of, the first, in ‘lower case’, in this way the connection works with self however if it is written in UPPER CASE you are working externally, Dr Stylianos Atteshlis in his explanation of Mind makes that statement.

It is possible that some people have a problem connecting to the name. Why. Is that name real. Without going into an explanation as to how this may have happened, it becomes necessary to connect to the vibrations of that name.

So why do we forget all that we know about from our past lives; could you really handle all that information, the good and the bad.

As we grow we are influenced by belief patterns and we get them from various sources, family, friends, and not to say the least the internet and all that generally happens before puberty.

I don’t argue with those who claim to be on a Spiritual path. I know many effective Mediums and Psychics.

However Spiritual Healers in my opinion are restricted by time as there is not time within the Spiritual Realm so it is possible that any healing may be delayed but as with the created energy such as Reiki, time exists in this current life and any results are now.

So let’s look at the reality of the System of Reiki, not in the way it is describe by current standards. ‘Mikao Usui’ is accredited to be the founder of Reiki but he never called it that. His description was ‘It is my own’. It was not until ‘Takata’ started to introduce her version and made claims of a Spiritual connection that the name Reiki became prominate and from then on many different versions started to appear.

The system of Reiki is simple but complicated. It is structured in 3 levels and 2 groups. It is created from Energy, Frequency & Vibration and when the 2nd & 3rd bodies are combined by the Energy applied through an Attunement, that Energy is retained. It is not Spiritual.

If you have used the suggested exercise with your name you then connect with vibrations.

Remember as you search the Internet over the many websites that claim Reiki, the claims made will be that it is Spiritual and that it is Natural and the it works with Universal Life Force Energy, but are those claims correct, how does it work, no body will tell you as they don’t have any idea, just another of those vague hypothetical ideas.

Universal Life Force Energy works as it is a switch word (Affirmations) but some changes to the rules are needed.

An Affirmation is a written sentence that it is claimed removes blockages. To use this sentence effectively it needs to be in either ‘UPPER case, working externally or lower case working internally and the sentence is to not have any punctuation of gaps;

 ie ‘universallifeforceenergy’.

Adopting this approach removes the sentence from the hypothetical into the realm of the created.

A path created with the use of Energy, Frequency & Vibration.

The next step is to work with our 3 bodies by increasing the vibrations of our Chakras (Energy Centres) which are connected to all of our major organs and reside within our 2nd body, the Psychic/ Emotional. This is a method where a sentence is written and applied through the 3rd Physical into the 2nd body.

So where does this energy come from.

The System of Reiki is simple but complicated, the further we travel into the system it does appear to be complicated but in reality it is not.

Energy, Frequency & Vibration is created from language (words) and symbols. Are you aware of the vibrations that are held within the recognised Symbols?

Each of the recognised symbols that are associated with the System hold different vibrations. Even if the person conducting the session claims that the Symbols are not to be exposed to anybody who is a newbie it does not stop them from exposing a client to the vibrations of the symbols when they are imbedded into a card.

The next step is the process of Attunement, this is described as ‘adjusting your vibrations to the frequency of any other existence’, to the extent that we can observe and study its nature.

Attunement is reached prior to at-one-ment however within the system of Reiki it is used in the foremost role of adjusting the vibrations of your Chakras to a higher level. How is this achieved?

If it is Spiritual it is describe as an AT-ONE-MENT. The Super Self-conscious state in which a being is able to merge itself in complete unity with any other being or existence, and with Absolute Beingness, without ever abandoning its Self-conscious Ego.

However an ATTUMENENT when used within the system of Reiki is described as adjusting your vibrations to the frequency of any other existence. So how is this action performed? You write a sentence and apply that to selected Energy Centres in a way that allows for an increase in the volume, in other words increasing the flow of the Chakras. But the gate must be slowly opened.

I am not going to describe the process that is applied with an ATTUNEMET  but to say that it is not, as some claim, applied to the Aura except when working with the Kings Crown. The Aura is ever changing and even though the Chakras may also be changing they are capable of when sealed to hold any increase of vibrations that have been applied during and the ATTUNEMENT.

What is the end result that we have to achieve with the System of Reiki.

Really it is to hold within the Chakras the vibrations that have been applied.

Many try to claim that happens but, they also suggest that an Attunement can be done remotely. I have yet to see it successfully done that way.

Harmonize with the symbols as you are using Reiki.

Harmonizing with Symbols regardless of alleged level does not indicate permanency with the system. This is where most of the confusion occurs. You do not ‘Clear Space with harmonized Symbols. A person holding the vibrations does, without harmonizing, clear space.

Now any work within the system becomes more complicated but still retains its simplicity.

When practitioner or any body for that matter place their hands over the Crown of another what may they be aware of?

Is there a flow of energy into the person or is there some blockage, an interesting evaluation now follows. This effect is detected even when a distant healing is applied.

At this point the reality of what is Reiki starts its real journey.

A Person who holds within self the applied vibrations does not have to resort to the process of Harmonising however the majority who claim to be Reiki practicians do resort to Harmonizing.

They are instructed to ‘Clean the Space’, to apply a symbols, generally a Cho-ku-rei, and really that is not the way to write it, it should be ‘chokurei’ but that is not within their teaching.

So where do we go from here.


Leonard said that is really up to you and if you tell him that you have Reiki, he will ask you for your name and he will look at you, you may ask how will he do that, what he said that he will do the same as a distant healing and go over the Crown, if there is an indication that there is a flow of  energy that seems to travel to the feet from the Crown he will suggest that you don’t hold any applied vibration, if on the other hand if there is an apparent sense of blockage in the Crown maybe Warmth of even Heat then his assumption will be that you are of the minority who do hold within your Chakras the applied higher vibrations.

He instructs all who come to him about the Reiki System. He will also concentrate on awareness so that you will have an easier time understanding all connections

The system of Reiki is Simple and not complicated, you have or you have not.

Regards and Enjoy.

Leonard Thomas. ‘MR T’


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