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Reiki is Simple, not complicated

When something is HYPOTHETICAL; it is based on assumptions.

ASSUMPTION/s; are beliefs that something is true without thinking about it.

THINKING; if you think about something you have an opinion that it is true.

OPINION; a belief that it is true.

This is what applies with most people when they look at the System called REIKI.

However it is your AWARENESS that sense within self that there is a something that you realise is there, a feeling that appears from within, a conscious of knowing that you are mindful of about it and a lack of understanding about the physical connection.

The System of Reiki is simple but complicated.

It is made complicated by the alleged stories about a Japanese Budhurts Monk (Mikao Usui) and his connection to the System. Yes it is more than probable that during a meditation he had visions but he was never attuned by a spiritual force to the physical connections of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration. To adopt the approach that he was is an ASSUMPTION and HYPOTHETICAL and an OPINION. The reality is that he had a Spiritual Connection, much in the same way that many to-day have.

The System of Reiki is a physical connection though the use of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration that when created as sentences are applied through the Physical into the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Chakras to raise their Vibrations and when sealed the HIGHER Chakras contain those applied Vibrations for the rest of your life.

The use of the HYPOTHETICAL, which is used to create ASSUMPTIONS and direct the THINKING to support OPINIONS does confuse the majority when looking at the System of REIKI. However the simplicity of the System is understood when SELF AWARENESS allows for the internal feelings of ENERGY / FREQUENCY & VIBRATION that are felt within self.

We should be reminded about our reality, that we a SOUL travelling and have incarnated within 3 bodies. Those bodies are our Spiritual/ Psychic/ Emotional & the Physical, and our Spirituality should not be confused with our SOUL SPIRITUALITY. Certain Elementals or abilities are given to us to use and do with as we please, we can use or reject them.

The system of Reiki is not one of those born with abilities, it is something that we create to use within this lifetime and it is a physical action. Some claim that it is by their INTENT to do causes the sealing to happen, they may have the intent but the sealing only works with a physical action during the Attunement.

There are many claims made about Reiki, somebody suggested that there are over 50 different types of claims but in the end any claims of the connection can be tested and not by assumptions but by the physical placement of hands over the Crown or by distant placement again over the Crown, this action allows for the observation of either Heat or Warmth or just not being able to enter. Observing any of these reactions suggest that the Physical and the Psychic/ Emotional bodies are joined and the applied Vibrations are retained within the higher Chakras.

So it is not what people claim about the system, they can call it whatever they like. It is the final steps and the knowledge as to how to be aware of as it is the final step that validates the retention of the System.




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