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What really is the System of REIKI

Do we really know what the System of Reiki is ‘NO’.

Is it Universal Life Force Energy that just flows or is it Created.

There really is no explanation and as Phyllis Furumoto said ‘we do not really know or understand it at all, the mystery is a gift of this practice’.

But is it a mystery or as Nikola Tesla suggested that it is a creation of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration.

Is it Hypothetical and Assumptions or is it in fact created.

If it is created then how is it created and from what?

If we believe what Tesla said, it may be created from Language and Symbols.

There are many suggestions made about how to use Language and Symbols for healing.

Switch-words, a Mantra, a prayer etc. but we still do not know what Reiki is.

Do you know?



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