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The reality of Reiki

Before I comment further as to what Reiki is;

I will comment as to what it is not.

It is not Spiritual or Natural.

To explain that we have to go back to where we came from.

We are all Souls who have incarnated into the 3D, to travel within a physical Body to learn and enjoy.

We are here to be aware of vibrations as it is with the vibrations that we acquire within our permanent personalty that we evolve become aware of enlightenment and evolve.

Those vibrations are acquired by our temporary personality within the 3D journey and are evaluated or rejected after we leave the 3D World.

We start our 3D journey at the moment of conception, which some describe as a flash of light, and the start of development with a NeoSpiritual and then to the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional and then the Physical and sometime within that development our Soul enters with its own Spiritual connection.

With that development time line we are given Gifts which because of our free-will we can use or deny.

Those Gifts are explained in Paul's letters to the Corinthians's (1 Corinthians's 12) but that is ignored generally by Reiki Teachers.

So there we all are. Born and developing, some aware and others not, and a mixture of claims and denial.

So then we come to the system of Reiki!

What really is it?

To keep it simple; We are not born with it it and does not just appear.

It is a creation of Energy/ Frequency and Vibration which are developed from Language and Symbols and when written as sentences and applied to selected Chakra's (energy centers) and then an exercise within the Attunement is used to retain the vibrations of selected Chakra's (Energy sentences). The next activity is to retain those vibrations within this lifetime.

So is Reiki 'Real'.

Yes but not in the what many so called experts claim.



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