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What really is the system of Reiki


Spiritual, Natural, Hypothetical, Assumptions, Universal Life Force Energy, that is how the current system of Reiki is described.


But is Reiki something else, the manipulation of energy.


The structure of Energy, Frequency & Vibration is a creation of Language and Symbols written as sentences and applied to selected Chakras depending on the level, raising their vibrations.


To claim that it is Spiritual and Natural denies that reiki may be created.


When we are born we ignore the invisible and are only aware of the physical. But what about the invisible, our NeoSpiritual and the Psychic/ Mental & Emotional and that we are all Souls travelling within this body. What about the Gifts given to our NeoSpiritual (1 Corinthians 12, Paul’s letters) and not to us as our Souls Spirituality.


There are many who are aware of their NeoSpiritual Gifts and practice with them just as there are many who deny that they do not exist.


The majority of those who claim to be practitioners of Reiki hold the belief that the system is Spiritual but then claim that an Attunement is necessary, that takes them into the belief that they are creating from Energy/ Frequency & Vibration as they write a sentence and apply it somewhere. Can they have it both ways.


My comment is “Prove It”


To prove it is very simple; Place a hand over the Crown and be aware?


If there is an awareness of ‘Heat, Warmth or just not being able  to enter the Crown’ the energies that were applied with the Attunement are held for life, however if there is movement down through the Crown, the applied energies are not held. Mind you just because you hold the energies is only the first step.





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