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People wonder what Reiki is;

It is not Spiritual or Natural;

It is created from Language or Symbols;

When written as sentences;

It is applied to Selected Chakras;

When sealed it is retained for the life;

What can be achieved by its use?

It removes dis-ease from the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body;

It creates a sense of Calm;

It removes Fear, Anger, Shame etc all that is not helpful for your Life Journey;

The connection can be tested;

With hands over the Crown;

If there is a feeling of Warmth/ Heat or just not able to enter;

The vibrations of any language or symbols created and applied are retained;

However if there is a feeling of moving into and down the Crown;

Any sentence applied is NOT held;

Some people Harmonize with Symbols;

That works during a treatment and the effect remains with the client;

However the partitioner does NOT retain those vibrations.

Illness, Feelings and effects within the Physical body may be cleared;

People give themselves Titles, is that ego;

Titles do not heal, Titles create problems;

A practitioner familia with the workings of Reiki does not have to be present;

They can work at a Distance but a face to face meeting can be more productive;


Enjoy life with no blockages.



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