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How do you describe what Reiki is

How do you describe what Reiki is.

It is like trying to describe the Invisible, an object that is there but because of its invisibility, it may not be there, but it is.

So let’s forget any label and direct our attention to the Invisible.

Do you see anger or any emotion that you may feel, No?

You may see the expressions of anger as it appears in others but within you it is invisible but you feel it.

That is the 1st step in understanding what is Reiki, of being aware of the invisible dis-ease that is within your Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional body and it displays in the Physical.

You only feel Emotions even though they are invisible those vibrations can be felt.

Understanding what it really like to be human in the journey can be broken down into steps.

We are all Souls incarnating into a physical form to Journey within this and many lifetimes.

What we are looking for are vibrations to be added to our Permanent Personality.

Our physical journey starts with conception and the development of our 3 Bodies;

The NeoSpiritual, the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional and the Physical. 

Within the NeoSpiritual we are given Gifts in many different forms (1 Corinthians 12, Paul’s letters), these gifts we can use or reject as that is our free will, but as a Soul we created our born name.

This born name should be considered as our First Aid Kit as with its use we can remove the invisible of dis-ease from our Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional.

As a Soul we wrote a Chapter in our life book as to what vibrations we wanted to experience during this lifetime, this again can be experienced or rejected with our free will.

When we are Born we forget everything. That may seem strange but we would not be able to handle all of the vibrations of all of our past lives.

Claims are made that the Reiki is Spiritual and Natural, it is not. So what really is it?

With the use of Language or Symbols written as sentences which create Energy/ Frequency & Vibration and applying that created sentence/ energy through the Physical into the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body Chakras and at the completion of each level sealed.

This sealing retains all of the applied vibrations.

There are many names used to describe systems of Reiki but unless there is a sense of Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown then any sentence or procedure that was used as an Attunement is not retained.

This test can be used as a physical or distant test for the retention.

So how can you describe Reiki as it is invisible to the majority?

With the use of your 1st name and become aware of vibration.

That is the 1st step but there is much more to the invisibility of the System of Reiki.

Learn and enjoy

Leonard J Thomas (Mr T)



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