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Testing for the reality

Do you know what is Reiki and how do you test for it?

You may say that you know what Reiki and have it why test for it.

The majority claim that it is Spiritual, it is not.

The majority do not know that you can test for the retention.

Their answer is ‘It is spiritual and you just know’

They are all wrong except that Reiki enhances your NeoSpiritual.

Your NeoSpiritual is separate from you Soul Spirituality.

If you think it is Spiritual read ‘1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 (Paul’s Letters).

That may explain what is Spiritual and where it comes from.

But you don’t have Reiki because it has to be created from Energy/ Frequency & Vibration and applied as an affirmation (Sentence) written with language (Words or Symbols) into selected Chakras (Energy Centres) and then retained.

The retention is tested by the placement of hands over the Crown either with the person or as a distant.

If there is a sense of Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown the affirmation used is retained however if there is a sense of moving down through the Crown the affirmation is not retained.


Simple but ignored.

Nothing to learn.

But you have to know the rules for the Affirmation.

An Attunement is finding the place to apply the Affirmation.

The retention requires an Affirmation into a selected place.


If the retention has been applied correctly then it remains within the physical for this life. 

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