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There are many claims made that Reiki is Spiritual but those claims only hinder any advancement to the system bringing better heal to people.

At last count there are at least 50 Systems of Reiki that people say are better and all claim a Spiritual Base. The count also claims that Reiki has about a billion people claiming connection.

So is there a secret about Reiki. YES, but it is not about its Spiritual Claims.

When we are created we have a Spiritual and Physical pathway. (1 Corinthians chapter 12, Paul’s Letters). There is a clear separation between the two. The Spiritual is ongoing whereas the Physical has only one Pathway, You have heard the expression ‘Ashes to Ashes’, and the physical ceases. 

Many people have extensions into the Spiritual and those extensions are many and varied. However as the extension into Reiki is physical and designed to increase the vibrations of the Energy Centres (Chakras), which are connected to the many different organs within the Physical body. Increasing the vibrations of selected Chakras will lead to a better health outcome for people.

In the majority, people do not realise that by increasing the vibrations of selected chakras requires the retention of whatever may have been used to achieve that increase. 

So what are we going to do to increase the vibrations of the selected Chakras and retain that increase? Most published web sites claim that an Attunement into the Physical is needed but is there something else that is required. To understand what is missing is to know how Chakra vibrations are increased.

Key words are Attunements and Affirmations. The realities of Attunements are finding the place to where something is to happen and Affirmations are what to do at that place into where the Attunement is placed. There is another step that is needed and that is the retention of the Affirmations.

The physical is Energy/ Frequency /Vibration. An Affirmation is a sentence written in words or symbols, written as you speak with no gaps or punctuation however when written it is either in lower case or UPPER CASE except with Symbols this works within self for the former and external for the latter. 

If an Affirmation has been correctly applied dis-ease that is within the Mental/Emotional will start to be removed. 

Finally, is it possible to test a persons connection to the System, YES. How do you test a person who claims to have Reiki.

Not by taking their word that they have it. Every body should be tested, but the question is how. 

Anybody can test as it is a physical application, testing at the physical or by distant.

In the physical, place hands over the Crown, what may you feel? Warmth/ Heat/ or just not being able to enter the Crown, then the affirmations used are retained.

At a distant, with a proxy, a doll, a pillow over the Crown and write the persons name. What may you feel. If there is a something as described of warmth/heat then the person does hold an affirmation however if there appears to be movement down through the Crown then the Affirmations are not held. 

Another little trick that some pull is asking for permission, you don’t have to, if there is a rejection to your connection come back later and you may have a different response. 

So there you have it, the basic reality of what is Reiki.

It is not spiritual, it is Physical, and it can be tested for retention.

It removes dis-ease from the Mental/Emotional by increasing the vibrations of selected chakras.

There is nothing to learn about Reiki, the History has been altered to suit individuals.

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