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Is Reiki Fact or Fiction?

A simple Question that needs to be answered in a constructive way.

The majority who claim to have Reiki support a claim that it is Spiritual, while a minority suggest that it is within the Physical. How do you support either claim and why?

Support for the Spiritual is Hypothetical and Assumptions and ignores the need to prove while supporting the Physical requires proof and practical application however the Spiritual does tend to access the physical. Maybe they want it both ways.

There is a clear distinction between the Spiritual and the Physical as explained in Paul’s Letters in the Bible, (1 Corinthians Chapter 12) where we are conceived with 3 bodies, Neo Spiritual, Psychic Mental Emotional & our Physical and in our Neo Spiritual we are given numerous gifts that we can use or reject.

The Universe is made of Energy/Frequency/Vibration and that is where the Psychic/Menta/Emotional works in different dimensions even though many claim that the Spirit works in a simular way.

So how can it all work.

“Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. ... So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." With Reiki claims are made that it is used to heal physical and mental trauma, and to support mental clarity and spiritual well-being. In Japanese, the word "rei" refers to a higher intelligence that permeates all living and nonliving entities and guides the inherent functioning of the universe. The word "ki" refers to the non physical energy that flows through everything that is alive, including plants, animals, and human beings—because of this, ki is also often called "life force energy," and is known as qi or chi from other lineages. The combination of these two words is what supports claims that defines reiki as "spiritually guided life-force energy." To administer Reiki, a practitioner channels life force energy through his or her hands unto another. It's said that the aforementioned spiritual guidance enables the Reiki to flow through the affected parts of the subject's energy field and charges them with positive energy. It raises awareness in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are contained. This causes the negative energy—such as stress, anxiety, physical pain, sadness, confusion, etc.—to loosen its grip, allowing the touch of the Reiki healer to swoop in and clarify the energy pathways.”

Those are the general claim made by supporters of the Spiritual aspect of Reiki, however the proponents of the Physical disagree with those claims.

Their claims are that selected Chakras (Energy Centers) have their vibrations increased by Affirmations, words or symbols, and placed into those Chakras by the use of Attunements and each progression (level) advances the vibrations. The administration is performed by hands on working through the Chakras.

So what is the truth about the system, maybe it is all fiction.





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