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Alchemicaly or Reiki check the reality

Some time ago I was coaching a person who was doing her 1st Attunement on a client.

She said that there was a group at the end of the Hall and they were telling the client that he didn’t need to do the Attunement.

I told her to tell them to go and find out about it. She said that they had gone.

She said that they were back and saying the same thing.

We ignored them and continued.

In the back of my mind I had never forgotten that.

Recently I was doing a workshop with the same person and I asked her to bring in My Master, she had passed away a couple of years ago, and the question was ‘How do you work with Reiki over there’, the reply was interesting, ‘We don’t need it over here’. That answer really made me think about the many times that people say that Reiki is spiritual.

My Master did know what really was Reiki and how to retain the Affirmations whereas the majority have no idea, yes it is Spiritual and not physical.

I have for some time tried to find a descriptive name that separates those who have Heat/ Warmth or cannot have their Crown entered from the majority that have open Crowns and it is Alchemy, not as an action that turns base metals into Gold but are Healers.

Being an Alchemist is that answer.

So how do you become an Alchemist?

You work with the frequency of energy and vibration, you write sentences of words, symbols and numbers, Affirmations, and you apply them to selected Chakras by an Attunement and at the conclusion of each progression (level) the vibrations of the Affirmations are retained.

Anybody who place their hands over your Crown will be aware of the Warmth, Heat or just cannot enter, the same result will happen at a distant.

There is a vast difference between Reiki and Alchemy. Reiki is based on Assumptions and the Hypothecals and is Spiritual where as an Alchemicalist has retained the frequencies of the Affirmations within their Physical.  


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