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need help

In Times of Trouble.

Recently I gave a talk to a group about the untimely leaving of the Physical, because of imbalance that existed within.

In all life experiences there are moments that bring imbalance and confusion to the individual, times when you don’t want to be in this world. In the attempt to right this predicament the incarnate soul begins to investigate the physical life to find clarity and solution for some that imbalance creates much confusion.
There are very many who are disheartened by the inability of the physical psyche to right the perceived imbalance: ….Each attempt seemingly is creating more confusion and distinct feeling of loss. In these times of trouble some feel that the only hope of a solution is the immersion back to the soul energy...  a separation from the dramas that appears to be larger than life itself.

It is perceived that a reconnection to that soul energy in a calm confident way will lead to alignment of your participation. Times of trouble may be difficult and uncomfortable but, it does provide an opportunity to realign with the pathway that you and your soul are engaging in. That pathway exists within the Physical/ Emotional body and is not part of the Soul journey. You as a Soul before your creation decided when you were to be created and when you were to leave why, you wanted to feel the vibrations of the physical journey and when you returned home be able to select which of those vibrations you want to place into your Soul permanent personality. 

As in all things it will be perceived as a length of time until "all" appears aligned, but it will occur. A premature return to your Soul is not the answer as you will have to come back at another time to complete the journey so is there an answer to the problem that exists within the Physical, Yes.

The Physical/Emotional is constructed from Energy/ Frequency/Vibration, science has proved that beyond all doubt. Our Spiritual/ NeoSpiritual body exists outside of our Physical/ Emotional. It is there in the Emotional that contains all our Energy Centers that the Ancients call Chakras. When those chakras, either singularly or any multiple of them become out of balance then the desire to premitually leave takes root. 

Returning to your soul is not the powerful seed of who you are. By abandonment of the distractions of drama within the physical…..One may do this immediately and thoroughly and loose the negative focus. Returning to your soul in times of trouble it is truly not the solution. 

Part of the answer is your name; yes your name has the power to remove the imbalance. How?

In the area of your body just above your navel, with one hand write your 1st name (in lower case) and place your hand (if you take your hand away) repeat the exercise. How long do you hold your hand there that is up to you but the longer the better? 

This exercise is not designed to replace any other Therapies or Pharisaical treatments, it is up to them to observe any improvements and respond to them in an appropriate way. 

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