You may think that I am a sceptic with what I am going to say about Reiki, you would be wrong.

Most who Claim to have Reiki are blind and uncomprehelb of the Physical reality of the system.

How many people who took the 1st step and never went anywhere with what they were told?

The reality is by taking the step with Reiki that is taking a step beyond the Spiritual and raising the Vibrations of the Physical and retaining the energy created.

But when we talk about Reiki there are many who claim to have it but they do not understand that their claims can be tested.

There are many different directions and claims made about many healing systems.

With the system of Reiki the 1st claim is that it is Spiritual, while the reality is a 2nd claim is that it is working with the Frequency of Energy and Vibration.

So what really is it?

There are many different variants about the Spiritual, they are many and varied but all are given at conception within the Self Spiritual, and because of our ‘Free will’ they can be used or rejected.

A Guide to understanding this is the information that is found in the Christian Bible, New Testimate 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 Spiritual Gifts (Paul’s Letters).

The second path is working with the Frequency of Energy and Vibration and is not restricted by “Free will”, in other words if there is an affirmation, an Attunement and retention, it will work for life but whatever is done has to be tested.

So what is a definition of a healing system that works in this way?

To work with the Frequency of Energy and Vibration you have to write sentences consisting of Words, Symbols and Numbers, (Affirmations). Then, these Affirmations are applied to selected Chakras by means of an Attunement, (Chakras are connected to all of our many living systems). At the completion of each progression, (level), they are retained for life. This retention can and should be tested at any time either in person or at a distant at the Crown.

What is expected to be found during a test, is that, if there is Warmth, Heat, Cold and not being able to enter the Crown, This test can also identify at to what level has been applied and at the starting level there may be some movement down into the Crown but that movement will stop and return to the Crown, the retention is retained. If however any movement continues down into the body then there is no retention.

This system is incorrectly called Reiki, to find another word description after 100 years would not serve any usefull purpose.

That is my opinion as to what is Reiki and that is after working with the concept for the last 20 years.

If you tell me that you have Reiki I will test your connection and remember that somebody will have made you sit down, hold your hands together and perform an Attunement but they will not tell you what the Affirmation is.

Test your connections or just get somebody to put their hands over your Crown.


Why is Reiki useful when a person has been undergoing treatment for a complaint, when somebody attempts to remove themselves from life or just to feel better, It primarily works with the Emotional body to remove the dis-ease so that the physical can help to heal and develop a sense of Calm.

The Truth is strange than fiction.


Leonard Thomas (Mr T)

Phone 02 9586 2427


Master Healer/ Alchemist. 

PS, there are 4 different symbols associated with Reiki and they can be written in 6 different ways. 

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